1.2.2 How to Manage Multiple Amazon Accounts in One Tool4seller Account?

If you want to connect more than one seller accounts to one tool4seller account, you will need to login tool4seller (https://data.tool4seller.com) and add more Merchant tokens or marketplaces in the first steps. Then follow the steps on the prompt window to complete seller account connecting.

1.  If you're new to tool4seller and haven't bound any Amazon seller accounts: #

You should connect your seller account to tool4seller first. There are two portals you can do and tool4seller supports 2 ways of Amazon seller account connection (Check: 2.1 How to Connect My Tool4seller to My Amazon Seller Account by IRP? and 2.2 How to Connect My Tool4seller to My Amazon Seller Account by MWS Auth Token?)

(1) Click the "Connect Amazon MWS" button on the dashboard page.

(2) Or click the Me icon to enter the "Manage Marketplaces" page to complete the seller account connection. 

Note: The free account supports 2 marketplaces connection, if you require more, please upgrade your plan on the Pricing Plan page.

2. After you have combined one seller account, you can click the "Selected marketplaces" to connect multiple sellers accounts for profit analysis. #

Last, switch to view the multiple stores on the left top area, you can check each seller account’s sales and profits data by selected marketplaces.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.