7.3 How to Check Your Ad Campaign Performance Reports?

The "Ad Campaign Performance Reports" allows you to view ads performance under multiple types, including store, Parent ASIN and SKU levels. Compared to what's on Amazon Seller Central and Campaign Manager on tool4seller, “Ad Campaign Performance Reports” allows you to view not only ads metric but also comparison of other data including organic sales. Plus, you can check day(s), week(s), month(s) and hourly sales data. Helping you to analyze the campaign effect on the whole income.

1.PPC Optimization—Ad Campaign Performance Reports #

You can view Store Ad Performance and organic sales. You can click to check and compare multiple data.

If you need to adjust the order, you can click “Sort Widgets” to change.

You can choose “day(s),” “week(s)”, “month(s)” or “Hourly Sales” to view different time period data(For example, you can choose 00:00 to 1:00 a.m under a certain time period, 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., etc.). At the same time, you can also choose “By trend” and “By Value” to view. When choosing ”By Trend“, each data is under its own independent vertical axis. When comparing data in a chart, it is suitable to compare data with large numerical differences at the same time, such as comparing changes in “Impressions ”(large integer) and “Clickthrough Rate” (percentage less than 1). When choosing ”By Value”, all the data is under one unified vertical axis. When comparing data in a chart, it is suitable to compare data with similar values or inclusive relationships at the same time, such as compring “Cost of Advertising” and “Ad Sales”.

2.Parent ASIN ad campaign performance provides you with summary information of related SKUs. #

 You can further view and analyze detailed data of ads,sales and hourly sales. On this basis, we have also compiled advertising-related reports for you on “Keyword Targeting”,”Search Terms”,”Matched Products”,”Product Targeting” and “Purchased Products” under multiple campaigns. You don’t need to spend plenty of time and energy on Amazon Seller Central to find relevant information under different advertising campaigns, which will improve your business management efficiency.