6.4 How to Make Use of the Buyer List?

In the Buyer List, there are 4 sections that help you effectively check new and repeat buyers and maintain good relationships with them.

1. You can select a specific time range and clearly know the numbers of new customers, repeat customers, and orders of today, yesterday, and this month, etc. Better to evaluate the advertising activities and product operations you made lately.

2. Besides customizing a time range, you can also know the top 5 loyal customers. Then you can do something to thank them.

3. Tool4seller provides you with the visible buyer’s sheet in today, last 7/30/90 days. So that you can study the sales performance and decide how to balance the strategies on attracting new buyers and the regular ones.

4. Through details of your buyer purchasing list, you can send emails in bulk and add some buyers to the blacklist if you do not want to send any emails to do customer follow-up. More metrics of knowing your buyers are here waiting for you to explore.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.

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