6.1 How to Use Campaign Recommendation to Improve Ad Performance?

1. Introduction #

Campaign recommendation can automatically generate recommendations for ad optimization, help Amazon sellers improve performance of campaign targeting and save time from tedious ads report analysis.

Entrance 1: PPC Optimization - Campaign Recommendation

Amazon campaign recommendation

Entrance 2: PPC Optimization - Campaign Manager

1.1 How to add campaign tracking #

Click Add Tracking and select the campaigns you want to track. The system will analyze, identify problems and provide recommendations on budget, search terms and negative keywords on a weekly basis. We recommend you to select campaigns that have been running over a period of time.

Tool4seller Campaign Recommendation

Note: Once you complete advertising connection, you will automatically receive Amazon campaign recommendations. This will not comsume any tracking credits.

Click Setting to see the default rules for campaign recommendation. You can also adjust the values in the fields as needed. Additionally, recommendations exceeding validity period will be unable to view. System will repeatedly analyze tracked campaigns at regular intervals.

Rule settings
1.2 How many types of campaign recommendations #

Currently, we support 4 kinds of Tool4seller campaign recommendations and 2 kinds of Amazon campaign recommendation.

1.2.1 Suggested Search Terms (Sponsored Product) #

Analyze 60-day search terms data in keyword targeting and automatically identify search terms with a good ROAS. You can add them to Sponsored Product Manual Keyword Targeting to improve advertising performance. 

suggested search terms sponsored product

Click Check Details to see targeting source, recommended reason and other detailed information of this search term. Then click Apply once you're satisfied with the recommendation.

suggetsed search terms recommendation reason

Then select Ad Group which you want to add the search terms and click Confirm.

Note: To avoid adding to the wrong ad group, please varify the repeatability of Advertised products in the original ad group and target ad group.

If you don't want this recommendation, click Ignore button. Then this search terms under the ad group will no longer appear in the recommendation list.

1.2.2 Suggested Product Targeting (Sponsored Product) #

Analyze 60-day Sponsored Product ads data and automatically identify products with a good ROAS. You can add them to Sponsored Product Manual Targeting.

suggested product targeting sponsored product
suggested product targeting recommendation reason
1.2.3 Suggested Negative Keywords (Sponsored Products) #

Analyze 60-day search terms data in keyword targeting and automatically identify search terms with clicks but no conversions. You can add them to Sponsored Product Negative Keyword Targeting list.

amazon negative keyword campaign
1.2.4 Suggested Negative Product (Sponsored Product) #

Analyze 60-day Sponsored Product ads and automatically identify products with clicks but no conversions. You can add them to Negative Product Targeting list.

suggested negative product sponsored product
suggested negative product recommendation reason
1.2.5 Amazon Campaign Budget Update #

This feature will provide you with Amazon official budget recommendations. With this feature, you are able to keep your campaign in budget for the full 24-hour period so that you will not miss out sales opportunities due to insufficient budget.

1.2.6 Keyword Bid Adjustment #

The recommendations for keyword bid adjustment are provided by Amazon. It compares your product with similar products and then provide you with recommendations to adjust your keyword bid so as to improve your ad targeting performance.

1.3 How to see my historical campaign application? #

Switching to Application Records, you can view all your records of recommendation application.

application records
1.4 How campaign recommendation displayed in other position of tool4seller? #

You can view Campaign Recommendation in Dashboard. It displays recommendation type, stores and quantity. Click to view the recommendations for the corresponding type.

Tool4seller Dashboard Campaign Recommendation

You can also view this feature in Multi-marketplace Ad Overview. It displays marketplace, recommendation type and quantity.

Tool4seller Campaign Recommendation in Multi-marketplace ad overview
1.5 App Notification #

When recommendations generated, you will receive app notification. You can directly check the recommendation details.

Currently, App only supports apply Amazon campaign recommendations. If you want to apply tool4seller campaign recommendations, you should log in tool4seller web version.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.