Product Research Tool

See product sales, inventory, keyword metrics, review details and other key metrics at a glance.

Product Research Chrome Extension

Analyzes data on the Amazon pages and boosts your sales.

With the product research extension, you can comprehensively analyze data on categories, products, keywords, and reviews to quickly identify sales opportunities.

Competitor Tracking

Present historical data of competitors and continuously track their activities to stay updated on their dynamics.

Track over ten data indicators, including sales volume, historical prices, rankings, Lightning Deals, and listing changes, for any ASINs. Stay informed about competitors' activities and analyze their pricing and promotional strategies with historical data. 

Category Insights

Provide detailed, accurate and authoritative category analysis reports.

Provide category analysis reports, including data on category traffic, units sold, net sales, buyer favorite features, competition, and return rate analysis. These official data sources help you understand market trends, make targeted selections, and develop products effectively.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Uncover competitors' hidden Search Terms in one click.

Find out the exact Search Terms for products sourced directly from Amazon by entering the corresponding ASIN.This ensures accuracy and provides a foundation for expanding keywords and understanding competitor traffic sources.

ASIN Keyword Insights

Discover the sources of your product's traffic keywords—expanding your keywords has never been easier.

Identify traffic-driving keywords for an ASIN and access key data like rankings, search volume, suggested bid, click share, and conversion share. Easily expand keyword lists, optimize listings, and improve PPC ads.

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