3.1 How to Save and Compare Your Potential Products with Product List?

Product list is a feature that works with tool4seller product research extension to help Amazon sellers save their potential products and make comparision among them to quickly identify the most winning one.

1. Entrance: Market Insights - Product List (It is only available on Web Version)

How to use Product List for product research on Amazon

2. Download tool4seller product research extension on Google Web store and enable it.

Then go to Amazon.com, click the extension icon (It will be found in search results page, Best Sellers page and listing page.) and click Add to product list to save the product you want.

Tool4seller product list for product research

3. Go back to tool4seller, and you will see important data of the product you saved such as product information, price, estimated sales, SBR and reviews & ratings.

Tool4seller Product List

4. You can track changes of the saved products, find suppliers on 1688 and use Revease ASIN Keyword & Revease ASIN Lookup to find out profitable keywords.