About Us

The worldwide e-commerce market continues to grow at a healthy and rapid rate, especially coming in the volume of online sales as well as the expansion of online sellers particularly on Amazon. Our research shows that Amazon's data solutions cannot meet the needs of all Amazon sellers as they entered the market with various levels of expertise and data savviness. With the optimism about the future of Amazon's market, we developed tool4seller, a powerful business intelligence software that truly serves Amazon sellers' needs.

tool4sellers makes data more comprehensive, intuitive, and easier to understand, which solves the problems sellers have been experiencing with Amazon's data support. Integrated with Amazon MWA API and Amazon official website, we ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data we collect. Through data analyzing and processing in our intelligence system, we provide you with visualized sales data and customized selling strategies needed to stand out in the competition.

tool4seller automated business intelligence platform helps you save tons of time spent on data collection and analysis, and make right selling decisions at the right time. Come join tool4seller and become a top Amazon seller!

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