3.1 How to Monitor Your Listings from Hijackers?

1. How to monitor your products from hijacking? #

“Hijacking Alerts” can keep track of listings and alert the sellers immediately if any hijacking activity is detected.
Note: Update frequency: Check all added product listings every 60 minutes.

Click the “+ Add Product” to add to the hijacking alerts list so that when your product and listing are hijacked, you will receive the alerts in the first place.

Select the products you want to monitor the haijacking status.

Select the fulfillments of the hijackers for notification.

Click the “Hijacking Details” for the hijacking record and hijackers’ ID.

You can check the hijackers’ price, rating and fulfillment methods in history.

You can check the hijackers’ price, rating, and fulfillment methods in history. It presents you with the hijacking records at the product level under the “Hijacking Record” tab.

It presents you with the hijacking records at the hijackers (sellers) level under the “Hijacking Summary” tab.

Click the “View” under the current hijacked item or historical hijacked items to view more information.

Select the “+ Add Whitelist” button to add the sellers who are allowed to piggyback your listing to the whitelist.

2. How to set up the alerts and change the email for notification? #

Awake the Setting tab and select the “System Settings” tab.

Click the “Edit” to set the alerts and receive an email (Please make sure you enter the frequently used email for alerts, discounts on the tool4seller plan, important updates, etc.)

3. How to customize the app alerts and never miss the important updates of your Amazon business? #

Download tool4seller iOS or Android Apps to receive alerts, and monitor your listing, advertising, and sales whenever and wherever you are. Click the below picture to download it on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Open the tool4seller mobile app. Find the Alerts Center and select the “Notification Setting” to customize the features notification preference.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.