1.1 tool4seller Chrome Extension

Tool4seller - Amazon product research extension aims to help you better understand and get a more in-depth understanding of the listing/ product you are researching. By providing you with the basic information about the product, the keywords its using (Keyword research),  and the FBA profit calculator to give your a quick estimate of the profit margin you will be expecting. 

With these information you can quickly see if a listing/ product is something you would want to invest your time in  selling. 

Get Started:

1. Download and login to Tool4seller- Amazon Product Research chrome extension, you can start your product  research and analysis on Amazon. 
download tool4seller extension

2. Got to Amazon and select any listing / product. Here is the basic product details. You can get details on the product and its keywords.

product information
3. Click "View More" to get more insights about Amazon listing with Tool4seller extension.
more information
4. How to use the key features of Tool4seller extension.
(1) Click the extension button of Google Chrome to lauch the feature.
pin your extension

(2) You can also use the keyword/review/profit calculator features  on Tool4seller toolbar.

Click Alibaba, ebay and Walmart buttons to search similar products on these platforms by image.

use more features

(3) You can launch the Product Analytics feature on Amazon search pages and listing pages to compare products and generate your product ideas. 

search page
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