8.1.1 How to use Tool4seller Chrome Extension?

Tool4seller - Amazon product research extension aims to help you better understand and get a more in-depth understanding of the listing / product / keyword you are researching. By providing you with the basic information about the product, the keywords its using (Keyword research),  and the FBA profit calculator to give your a quick estimate of the profit margin you will be expecting.

With these information you can quickly see if a listing/ product / keyword is something you would want to invest your time in  selling. You will get valuable insights and make informed decisions with our extension.

Get Started:

1. Download and login to Tool4seller- Amazon Product Research chrome extension, you can start your product  research and analysis on Amazon. 
download tool4seller extension
2. Click the extension button of Google Chrome to lauch the feature.

Then go to Amazon and you will find the extension on search result page or product listing page.

Note: Some features are only available for paid users. You can upgrade your plan to unlock them.

Tool4seller Extension on Search Result Page #

Enter keywords into Amazon search bar. You will see all related data including qty. weekly search volume, search frequency, search frequency rank, etc.

Amazon search bar

Click "Amazon Recommended Keywords" to see relevant keywords identified by Amazon as well as their performance.

Amazon Recommended Keywords

Click "ABA Search Terms Report" to find top seach terms of your primary keyword. You can also check detailed data.

Tool4seller ABA Search Report

Select "Product Analytics" to browse top 100 products for the given keyword and key metrics of these products. (including monthly sales distribution, Buy Box price distribution, brand distribution, etc.)

Note: If you don't find monthly sales for some categories or products, that's because Amazon doesn't provide this data.

Tool4seller Product Analytics

"Category Analytics" will display glance views, units sold, net sales, etc. Click "Expand" to get more valuable information. (This data is from Amazon.com)

Tool4seller Category Analytics

Scroll down the search result page. You will see product information at a glance and directly compare them.

Ad Position Campaign Identifier: help you intuitively identify which ad group is being displayed on the Amazon, accurately track and analyze the effectiveness of your ad groups, thereby optimizing your marketing strategies.


Click "Design Patent Search" to see related patent information under the keywords. This feature is currently available for US and Japan.

Tool4seller design patent search

Click extension button to launch the Product Research feature on Amazon search result pages to compare products and generate your product ideas. You can also save the product for further analytics by clicking "Add to product list".

Amazon Product Research

Tool4seller Extension on Product Listing Page #

On product listing page, you can see basic product details and then discover sales opportunity upon them.

Amazon product listing page

Here is to compare monthly sales, price and keywords of all variations. Click "Add Tracking" if you want to monitor the product.

Tool4seller product variations

Listing Quality Score is to measure the quality of the listing. If you want to optimize it, simply click "Generate Reommendation".

Tool4seller Listing Quality Score

Click "Search Term" to find backend keywords under seller central.

Tool4seller search term

Click "Change Log" to see historical changes of the product.

You can also use other features like Sales Trends, Price & Category Rank and Rating Trends.

Tool4seller Price & Category Rank

Here to see keywords added in product listing and their weekly search volume. Click "Details" to get Amazon Recommended Keywords and other useful keyword tool.

Tool4seller Keyword and Keyword Weekly Search Volume
Amazon recommended keywords and added keyword

Keyword Research consists of two parts - Reverse ASIN Keyword and Keyword Frequency.

From Reverse ASIN Keyword, you will see information for all traffic keywords. You will get excellent keyword ideas here.

Tool4seller Reverse ASIN Keyword

From Keyword Frequency, you will find traffic keywords that have not been included in current product listing or bullet points. You can add them into your listing for optimization.

In the below picture, the number in front of the keyword is the frequency count and the number after the keyword is the search volume.

Tool4seller keyword frequency

Click "Review Insights" to see and analyze all reviews. This feature enables you to download originial reviews and provide keywords customers frequently used which you can index into listing for optimization.

You can also use "AI Review Insights" to understand product advantages & disadvantages and buyer portraits.

Tool4seller Review Insights
Tool4selle review insights

Profit Calculator will estimate the profit margin of current product. It also allows you to compare FBA and FBM fees.

Toolrseller Profit Calculator
Tool4seller FBA & FBM Profit Calculator

Click Alibaba, ebay and Walmart buttons to search similar products on these platforms by image.

Alibaba, ebay, walmart icon

Open the extension button, and you can compare all variations of this product and find related products recommended by Amazon.

Tool4seller Product Research feature