3.3 How to Find the Best Keywords for Listing Optimization and PPC Campaign?

ASIN Keyword Insights consists of two main features: Reverse ASIN Keyword and AI Keyword Extration. It assists you in extracting and expanding the keywords to optimize your product listings and PPC campaign for better visibility and increased sales.

Reverse ASIN Keyword: Provide you with the top-performing organic keywords for the specific ASIN you give, and data along with organic rank, weekly search volumes, competing ASINs, supply-demand ratio and other related information. With this feature, sellers can easily discover traffic-driving keywords for listing optimization and PPC campaign purposes.

AI Keyword Extration: AI will extract the keywords for specified ASIN and accurately conclude product parameters, performance, selling points, features and adjectives. Additionally, it will also provides other recommended keywords for the ASIN. So that you can quickly find the keywords that competing listings rank for in Amazon and index them into your own listing for optimization.

Reverse ASIN Keyword #

1. Select the marketplace first, then type the keywords. (It currently supports US, Canada, Germany, Spain, UK, France, Italy and Japan.)

Amazon Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool for Amazon sellers

2. You can view the organic traffic-driving keywords for the specific ASIN as well as the important data. You can select the keywords and click on Add to Keyword List to save them in your Keyword Library for future use.

Amazon Reverse ASIN Keyword Tool
Amazon Keyword Tool

You can download all the resulting keywords by clicking the Export button.

Amazon Keywords to Boost Your Sales

AI Keyword Extraction #

1. Select the marketplace first, enter the ASIN and then click Extract Keywords.

Amazon Keyword Extraction for Listing optimization and PPC campaign

2. AI will extract the keywords from the product listing and classify them into different categories (product parameters, performance, selling points, features, adjectives and more adjectives from AI).

You can select the keywords you want and click Add to Keyword List for future management. Or click AI Listing Generator to generate a listing with all your selected keywords.

Amazon Keyword Extraction

3. Below them, you can see the organic keyword performance of the specific ASIN.

Limits: #

Reverse ASIN Keyword:
Startup Plan and above: unlimited searches.

AI Keyword Extraction:
Standard Plan and above: unlimited searches.
Free Plan, Startup Plan and Free-Trial: 0.5 points / time. ($1 = 10 points)