1.1 What Is Tool4seller?

Briefly, Tool4seller is an accurate sales and profits analytics SaaS software designed for all Amazon sellers around the world. As one of the first third-party Amazon service providers (AWS), SPN and Amazon Advertising Partner, we are constantly offering sellers of any size useful tools to scale up their Amazon business and have won more than 150,000 Amazon sellers’ trust and recognition.

With continuous efforts and advanced innovation, we have launched various and helpful tools, including:

* Sales and Profits Analytics

* Product Trend

* Product Analysis

* Inventory Alerts

* Request a Review Automation

* Advertising Reports

* Ad Scheduling

* Keywords Tracking & Rankings

* Buyer Message Reply

Why choose tool4seller?

(1) Support web console and mobile Apps (iOS & Android) for convenient sales checking.

(2) Support real-time and comprehensive analytics for saving time.

(3) Support key tools like PPC management, keyword tracking, and so on.

(4) Strictly comply with GDPR and keep users’ data confidential.

Currently, Tool4seller supports 17 Amazon marketplaces (Listed in No Particular Order):

1. United States  www.amazon.com    2. Canada  www.amazon.ca         3. Mexico  www.amazon.mx

4. Germany  www.amazon.de              5. France  www.amazon.fr            6. United Kingdom www.amazon.uk

7. Spain  www.amazon.es                      8. Italy  www.amazon.it                 9. Netherlands  www.amazon.nl

10. Sweden  www.amazon.se               11. Poland  www.amazon.pl            12. Japan  www.amazon.jp

13. India  www.amazon.in                      14. Saudi Arabia  www.amazon.sa       

15.  United Arab Emirateswww.amazon.ae             16. Singapore www.amazon.sg                 

17. Australia  www.amazon.au

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.

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