6.4 How to Add and Custom Cost?

Adding and customizing the actual cost will make the sales analytics more accurate.

1. Find the Cost Center under the Manage Stores  Edit the procurement cost of each product and add the Avg. Shipping cost occurred before sending to Amazon FBA.

2. Or you can access to Cost Center on the sections (Parent and Child ASIN Sales Analysis and SKUs Sales Analysis) of the Sales Analysis page.

3. Or you can import the cost in bulk. Using the Default Cost will change costs on all dates. If you want to select a cost on a specific date, we recommend you to use the Cost History. Please keep in mind that fill in the data on the cost template and do not change or delete any columns and rows.

4. If you need to edit the cost of a specific product, please go to the SKUs Analysis under the Sales Analysis page. (Note: The cost here does not include the procurement cost and shipping fees to the FBA warehouse.)

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.

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