2.3.1 Why Can't I See Any Data After Connecting to My Amazon Seller Account?

Once you first succeed in MWS authorization,, tool4seller will automatically imports the last 30 days data of your Amazon seller account. The time it takes to fetch your data depends on the size of your Amazon account, usually taking around 4-6 hours.

There are also two reasons to explain why you can not see any data after connecting your Amazon seller account to tool4seller successfully for a long time.

(1) One is that if your seller account has extensive data, it will reach the peak of the API transmission speed which takes up more than 6 hours.

(2) The other is if you connect multiple Amazon seller accounts to tool4seller, it will also slow the data sync speed.

If your account hasn't shown any data for over 6 hours, please contact our online customer service.

Amazon Seller Dashboard and Sales Data
Amazon Sellers Dashboard

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