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tool4seller Empowers Your Amazon Business
Data-Driven Business Intelligence Platform Designed for Amazon Sellers
Automatically collect all kinds of sales data and operational metrics, as well as offer a range of reports and tools to sellers on multiple Amazon marketplaces. tool4seller, a perfect alternative to Amazon's official sales tool since it's closed, helps you improve data operations.
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Collectively Display Sales Data from Multiple Marketplaces
Sales Data Center for Amazon Sellers
Summarize sales and SKUs of your Amazon stores on different marketplaces while performing a comprehensive analysis of sales, profits, inventory and other data, so that any business problems can be identified and solved in a timely manner.
Unlimited Amazon Stores
Unlimited Employees
Sales Analysis
Professional Sales and Profit Analysis
Automatically collect and process sales data of Amazon stores and provide two time dimensions and calculation methods for the store manager and the accountant to understand business operation from different perspectives for their convenience.It helps you accurately evaluate operational efficiency and team sales performance.
Buyer Message Management
Multi-Marketplace Buyer Message Center
Integrate buyer messages from different marketplaces into one interface for more convenience. Respond to buyer messages in a timely manner with our APP to greatly improve buyers' customer service experience.
Operational Event
Product Analysis
Profit Calculator
Category and
Keyword Rankings
PPC Optimization
Automatic Review
Buyer Message
Automate Pricing
Operational Event Alerts
Detect and respond to every critical operational event promptly
Our business intelligent system enables Amazon sellers to track and identify operational events, including various alerts such as inventory, orders, shipments, listing piggybacking, negative feedback and reviews, buyer messages, ads and listings. You can receive instant alerts via APP and email.
Product Analysis
Multi-dimension data analysis
Summarize the operational data of each product to give you a better view of traffic, conversions, sales, profits, refunds, rankings, ads and other data on one single page.
Real-Time Profit Calculator
Track your "real profit" on Amazon
Automatically capture the data through Amazon official API interface, and calculate real-time profitability that deducts commissions, FBA fees, ads, and other costs. Accurately analyze the gross profit, gross margin and cost of a single product to help you find the most profitable items.
Category and Keyword Rankings
Ranking is an important criteria for determining the success of a product
Automatically track and record product rankings in each category, daily rankings of specific keywords, and provide seach volume data to help you evaluate listing performance.
Reimbursement Finder
Help you get back the money that Amazon owes you!
The items lost and damaged in Amazon warehouses account for 1-2% of your total sales, and Amazon does not compensate you in full. Reimbursement Finder can help you recover the money effortlessly without any commission!
PPC Optimization
Get more out of your ad campaigns
Automatically obtain ad data and produce a visualized analysis report. Intelligently make keyword choices and optimization suggestions to help you improve input-output ratio. Automated Ad Pricing helps you have a better control of your budget.
Automatic Review Request in Bulk
Get more reviews and better ratings
Automatically send official request emails to help you convert more and increase customer review rate by 50%. Automatically send email messages to buyers to show how much you care about and appreciate their purchases. Custom-made email templates with multiple languages and scenes to help you get rid of manual writing.
Buyer Message Reply
Respond to buyer messages in a timely manner
Respond to customer inquiries without signing in to Seller Central. Send instant replies via APP. Integrate buyer messages from different marketplaces for your convenient management and reply.
Automate Pricing
Prevent your listings from piggybackers
Set up your own rules to adjust prices, beat the piggybackers' offers, and win the Buy Box to prevent sales loss.
All-In-One Management Solution
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tool4seller Supports 14 Different Amazon Marketplaces
Supported Marketplaces: USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, India, Australia and United Arab Emirates.
What our customers say about us
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Ryan Nys
Totally awesome. Haven't even been able to utilize many of the powerful features it offers, either. Getting clear on what does/doesn't sell is key in this racket. And, Like the other reviewer said, trying to gain those insights 2 months later by digging thru seller central is not only a pain, but its terribly ineffective. Having an app that not only dings your phone the moment an item sells, but tells you exactly what sold on the click thru is huge. It has a huge effect on your ability to learn from each transaction. Would be worth the money for this feature alone.
Max Hwang
My team has being using it for over 4 weeks. Simply, we love it! Pro's: Easy to use Good functionalities Data safety guaranteed by Amazon Cheap Price Con's: UI & UE can still be improved.
Po-Nien Chang
hmmm,Now! I can save almost 2hrs of excel works per day since using this seller app. The dev. team did really a great job in terms of keywords ranking and profits analysis. No more rough guessing of my profit&loss for the day, the week and the month. I also like the feature of seeing the list of my top sellers with their pics, SKU and ASIN.
Anonymous User
I would like to give this seller app a big 5 star personally! I tried more than 8 related Amz seller tools and this the only one I keep deploy to my business, even compare to Amz official seller assistant app, the sales analysis and campaigns optimisation are really cool and efficient! By the way I think this is the cheapest and most reliable seller app in nowadays market.