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Spending long hours to calculate profits of multiple stores,
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Free Inventory and Piggy Backer Alert
Multiple practical store operation data tracking and reminding functions
Intelligently remind you of replenishment and appropriate units for your products base on inventory status. Timely notification for listing piggy backers through mobile APP and emails.
Category Rankings and Keyword Rankings
Optimizing product category and keyword ranking to drive traffic.
Automatically track product category and keyword ranking everyday to assess your products potential.
Amazon PPC Optimization
Provides optimization suggestion. Optimize advertising effect consistently.
Auto-get advertising data from Amazon; intelligent analyze advertising effect and generate keyword choices and optimization suggestions. Help you optimize PPC advertising input-output ratio consistently.
Sales Analysis
Real-time sales and profit calculation for your business, precisely into individual listing.
Auto-read sales data from Amazon official API port. Subtracting from Amazon commission, FBA service fee, and ad cost, calculate your profit status. Accurately analyzing single item’s gross profit, gross profit rate, and cost structure, help you develop potential product to create popular series.
Request Reviews
Search on hot sale compatible products' advantages and disadvantages. Develop popular styles.
Auto-get reviews from popular compatible products. Search on advantages and disadvantages of the product. Help you develop popular styles with large market needs and unique characteristics.
Track Your Competitors on Amazon
Keep an eye on your Amazon competitors
Track the trends of competitors or your own ASIN on Amazon, including price, unit sold, category rankings, keyword rankings, and every changes in the listing information, enabling you to have a in-depth understanding of competitors or your own products
Dramatic Business Growth on your hands
Know your sales and receive notifications by App
Tool4seller provides leading mobile app. Try our app to get the latest orders, bestseller list in real time of one or more stores.
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recommended by experts&
authoritative media
Support multiple Amazon Stores
Fully supports Amazon Store for USA, Canada, Mex, Germany, France,
UK, Spain, Italy, Japan, India and Australia
What our customers say about us
tool4seller is really impressive, there are so many features, I like the review request most, it helps me got more reviews in a short time, I’m looking forward to try other features, especially ad keywords optimization.
Alison Rae
EC Operations Manager
Great Amazon seller tool, really helps me a lot, thanks for the Ad keywords optimization, save me so much time and give me keywords suggestions, my PPC ACOS now is not more than 15%. I will keep using.
Rob Oates
Director of Marketing
I′ve never seen an Amazon seller tool with so much features, preduct analysis, PPC management, review management, So powerful, what′s more, it is so cheap, I purchased ALL-in-One for one year package.
Sally Butler
Amazon Seller