Customer Follow-up

Automatic review request, alerts for negative reviews and customer question alert.

The manual review request is time-consuming and error-prone. tool4seller’s smart review request can increase the number of reviews left by buyers. You can automatically send emails to ask buyers for a review after the setting is completed. There are a variety of review request templates for you to choose from.  It also helps you optimize after-sales service and boost sales by combining the functions of review alerts and loyal user search.

Automatic Review Request

Automatically send out emails asking for product reviews from buyers once upon a setup.

  • Provide professional review request templates that allow you to get rid of the troublesome of manual writing.
  • Automatically ask for product reviews from buyers so as to increase the conversion rates.
Automatic Amazon Review Request Email

Are you tired of repeatedly clicking the "Request a Review" button? Stop wasting your valuable time!

Now, through Amazon’s data interface, official review request emails can be sent to your orders in a batch, and at scheduled times, or are triggered in a timely manner. So, you don’t worry any longer about policy violations. Say goodbye to manual clicks! And tool4seller helps you save time and free up hands!

Tracking Reviews

Get instant notification when a new review comes in.

Add your ASINs to tracking list to get instant notifications when new reviews come in, so as to manage reviews timely and understand the review changes in a certain period.

Monitor Buyers' Questions

Timely respond to buyers' questions and improve product conversion rate

  • Keep track of questions asked by buyers and receive instant alerts about their questions.
  • Remind you to respond to buyers’ questions promptly and provide better customer service.
Refined Customer Management

Maintain customer loyalty and increase repurchase rate

  • Fully tap into the real information of repurchase customers.
  • Manage customers based on different dimensions, such as order amount, order quantity, etc.
  • Optimize after-sales service, and improve repurchase rate to boost store sales.
Customer Reviews at Your Fingertips

Receive reviews anytime and anywhere via mobile APP for a quick and timely response

  • Get instant reminders upon new reviews and feedback received.
  • Timely check and answer buyers’ questions, improve product conversion rate.
  • Timely respond to buyers’ messages and increase customer satisfaction in after-sales service.

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