1.3.2 How to Upgrade My Current Tool4seller Plans?

You can purchase a new plan on Web, App, or directly contact us at support@tool4seller.com.

Login to your tool4seller account (https://data.tool4seller.com/landing?userHostRegion=com).

Then, select the Pricing Plans tab with the shopping cart icon and click "Upgrade".

Switch your startup plan to a standard one, then click the "Upgrade" button. You will need to pay for the change.

E.g. If your Startup plan has 21 days left, you will need to make up the difference of 10 days Standard plan.

(Note: The period of one month tool4seller plan is calculated at 31 days.)

On the payment page, you can customer your own plan with the add-ons if you require. ( The add-ons charge monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions, and it'll be consistent with the plan subscription that you are going to upgrade. For example, if you subscribe to the Annual Standard Plan with add-ons, the add-ons your purchase is for 12 months. )

Last, fill in the billing information and credit card number to upgrade your plan and get more use of the keyword ranking and other features.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.