Product Operation

Edit Amazon detail page, adjust the optimal price based on the existing inventory​

No more worrying about the login failure of Seller Central! Check the Amazon inventory to know about the cost of products, and adjust the price to win the Buy Box! tool4seller can help you.

Amazon Product Management

Modify the product prices, check the inventory status without logging in to Seller Central

  • Automatically obtain product information through Amazon MWS.
  • Record price adjustment data in detail for your check at any time.
Smart Price Adjustment

Win the Buy Box with Smart Price against piggybackers

  • Take action in minutes when piggybackers change price.
  • Automatically adjust price after comparing price with piggybackers.
  • Restore original price after piggybackers leave.
Manage FBA Shipment

Check FBA shipment status and control it in transit and inbound in time

  • Shipment management allows you to quickly track and view the shipment status in just 2 steps!
  • The clear information about shipped items provide data support for your timely replenishment.

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