8.1 How to Evaluate Your FBM Order Performance with the Account Health Analysis Tool?

The “Account Health” was designed to help sellers to evaluate their FBM orders at the Amazon Account Health standard and policies.

It contains 3 parts which are “Customer Service Performance”, “Policy Compliance” and “Shipping Performance”.

The metrics under the “Customer Service Performance” tab are:

  1. Order Defect Rate (<1%)(ORD) FBM
  2. Negative Feeback Rate
  3. A-To-Z Guarantee Claims
  4. Chargeback Claims

The metrics under the “Shipping Performance” tab are:

  1. Late Shipment Rate (7 Days)(<4%)
  2. Late Shipment Rate (30 Days)(<4%)
  3. Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate (<2.5%)
  4. Valid Tracking Rate (>95%)
  5. On-time Delivery Rate (>97%)
You can set the notification preference by clicking the “Account Health Violation Warnings” button.
Click the “Warning” to see the detailed information.
It allows you to download the anomaly indicators of multiple marketplaces with a single click.
More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.