1.2 How to Connect My Tool4seller to My Amazon Seller Account by MWS Auth Token (SP-API)?

What is Amazon MWS Auth Token?

The Amazon MWS Auth Token is different from Merchant Token (seller ID). It’s another token that allows you to access Amazon’s extensive third-party marketplace web service (MWS) to assist and grow your business. Connecting your seller account through MWS (API) is the most common and safe way for your third-party software and applications to exchange your data on Amazon and provide you with analytics services and more.

What is Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API)?

 The Selling Partner API is a modernization of Amazon MWS and includes all functionality previously available from Amazon MWS. Tool4seller using the Selling Partner API (a better version of MWS) can increase efficiency and improve response time to our customers, helping sellers better grow their business.

How to authorize tool4seller by Amazon MWS Auth Token (SP-API)?

Start to authorize access to your tool4seller, you must make sure you’re the primary user of your Professional selling account to do so otherwise you will fail to authorize. The Amazon individual seller account does not have this feature.

There are 3 places to access the connection to your Amazon accounts page: #
Place 1: #

1. If you are new to tool4seller, you will see the below picture. Click the Start Here button to begin to authorize your amazon seller accounts’ sales data to your tool4seller account.

Place 2: #

2. If you want to add more marketplace or reauthorized tool4seller, you can use the drop-down menu in the bottom left corner under the user icon, find theAdd more Merchant Tokens”.

Place 3: #

3. Or open the viewing your seller account button on the top.

Tool4seller supports multiple seller accounts management in one tool4seller account. If you want to add more than one seller account in your tool4seller, please click on the Add Marketplaces” or Add more Merchant Tokens” button to repeat the above steps.

Steps of connecting Amazon seller accounts: #

(1) You will see a blank window to fill in with the alias for your seller account, then select the correct marketplace to move to the next step.

(2) On the “Connect MWS with Auth Token” page, copy the Develop Name(Tool4seller) and Develop ID (5787-2421-1188) first and click on the “Go to Amazon Seller Central” button.

(3) Go to the “Manage your apps” section on your amazon seller central dashboard.

(4) Then paste the Develop Name(Tool4seller) and Develop ID (5787-2421-1188) into the corresponding blank and click “Next”.

(5) The next pop-up window will ask you to confirm permission. Check the box to agree and click the Next button on the right corner.

(6) The next window will display your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token below. You’ll need to copy these two numbers and go back to the tool4seller authorization page.

(7) Last, paste your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token into Step3: Add your Credentials on the tool4seller page and click on the “Complete” button.

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.