Free FBA Profit Calculator

What can the FBA profit calculator do for sellers?

FBA Various Fees

Including referral fees, fulfillment fees, inventory storage fees, etc.

Compare Different Shipping Methods

Compare FBA with FBM for you to choose a shipping method that suits you best.

Predict Sales Profit

By calculating sales and various costs, you can get the profit margin of your products before you sell.

You must know your costs before you sell!

When doing product research, you should first confirm the costs and profits to ensure that your sales are profitable. You need to consider the purchase costs, the fees charged by Amazon, the costs for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouses, and conduct an in-depth research on the market demand and competition, making sure that your business keeps in earnings.

Many Amazon sellers lose money because they don't figure out their real profits!

What types of fees are charged when selling on Amazon?

Referral fees: Sellers need to pay a referral fee to Amazon for each item sold.

Fulfillment fees: They are the amount Amazon charges for picking, packaging and shipping products through the FBA program.

Inventory storage fees: Amazon charges you to store inventory in their warehouses when using FBA program.

In addition, it also includes long-term storage fees, returns processing fees, and removal order fees.

Don't you have time to record inventory and various costs of each item? Or do you still want to track the exact costs and profits of your store and products?

Try tool4seller's sales analysis function

With a full understanding of the actual costs and profits, you can

Control inventory

Reduce inventory shortages based on your sales while avoiding long-term storage fees caused by inventory backlog

Reduce customer returns

Identify abnormal product returns in a timely manner, reduce the extra costs and possible negative reviews caused by returns

Optimize product structure

Eliminate the less profitable items and shift focus to the products with higher sales and profitability

Minimize costs

Know the costs incurred and try to optimize them, such as lowering the purchase costs from suppliers or reducing ad costs

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