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See product estimated sales, product overview, keyword analysis and detailed reviews directly on listing pages. 

What can Tool4seller chrome extension do for you?

Product Viability

Is your product a good investment? Evaluate the market and product viability.

Review Analysis

Dive deep into product reviews to know the strength and weakness of the niche.

Keyword Research

Know what keywords your competitors are using and optimize your PPC and listing SEO.

Profit Calculator

Estimate your true profitability in one click to know if it’s a good investment before you sell it.

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Product Overview

Tool4seller populates a product overview directly on the listing page you’re viewing, including sales estimates, seller, search terms, inventory levels and more.

Keyword Research

Find out what keywords your competitors are using and discover the most converting keywords for you. Help you do the keyword research to optimize your listings and PPC campaigns with all the data provided, including keyword search position, sponsored product rank, monthly search volume, PPC bid suggestion, etc.

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Review Insights

Customer reviews can be a wealth of knowledge if you know how to use them – and if you have the right tool. Tool4seller Chrome extension allows sellers to can easily sort and search through reviews based on time, stars, country/region, and even most frequently used phrases. You will quickly identify what the product does well and what could be improved so you can strategize how to do even better.

Profit Calculator

This calculator estimates your cost and profit of a specific product. You can easily switch switch FBA and FBM to compare profit margins and cost. That's a handy way to determine whether a product opportunity is worthwhile before you decide to sell it.

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Product Analytics

Have the key metrics you care about at a glance, sales trend, ranking, ratings, Buy Box and more of ASIN and its all variations. Help you build next a best seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tool4seller chrome extension free to use?

The Too4lseller Chrome extension is free to download and comes with various web-based tools you can use to optimize your Amazon business. It offers a limited, free version of most of its tools. Some features like monthly sales estimates, search terms, ASIN tracking are only available for subcribers. You can upgrade your plan based on your needs. 

What marketplaces does it support for?

Currently Tool4seller supports for Amazon marketplaces in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Spain, UK, France, Germany, India, Italy and Australia.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Tool4seller Chrome extension is approved by Google. We only collect data on Amazon listing pages, and will never analyze, sell or distribute your data or use it in any way other than the operation of our extension.

Can I use Tool4seller in other browser?

Yes. Besides Chrome, Tool4seller is also available on Microsoft Edge.