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Manage your Amazon business at your fingertips. Check sales analytics, competitor updates, reviews rating, PPC performance, and inventory status every morning and every night.


Stay Informed with Instant Alerts

Out of Stock Items

Stay ahead of stockout to avoid unnecessary losses.

New Hijackers

Report active hijackers to protect your listings anytime.

Buyer Messages

Reply to buyer messages anytime to improve your customer service.

Listing Updates

Know your competitor's changes in prices, promotions, status...

Negative Feedback

Help you respond quickly to negative feedback to protect your reputation.

Buyer Question

Build confidence and trust with your potential customers and earn valuable conversions.

Real-Time Sales Analysis​

Best Sellers​

Check your best-selling products at any time.

Sales Analysis by ASIN

Accurate ASIN performance at your fingertips. Track all your Amazon profits and financial situation.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Analysis

Find out your profitability with cost teardown.

real-time sales analysis
buy box ownership

Hijacking Alerts​

Instant Alerts​

Get instant updates of Buy Box hijackers.

Buy Box Ownership Alerts

Receive alerts whenever you lose the Buy Box and take instant action before it gets too late.

Rule-Based Repricing

Set rules to win the buy box. You set the rules and we do the rest.

PPC Optimization​

Ad Performance

View ad results for key performance indicators, such as ACoS, CPC, CTR, clicks, and impressions.

Ad Performance by ASIN

Maximize profits with Amazon advertising optimization and intelligence.

Ad Automation

Automate your campaigns and save time in manual PPC management.

Amazon ppc optimization
ad sales
ad cost

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