tool4seller Mobile App
Work on your mobile phone without worrying about accounts association
Check your store performance and receive important notifications at any time
Important Notifications
Buyer Message Notifications
Reply to buyer message on your phone with customized template at any time
Review Alerts
Add your ASIN's to the tracklist, monitor for the product reviews, and receive alerts when there are negative reviews
Inventory Alerts
Inventory Alerts: Intelligently analyze sales trends to ensure that FBA products are always in stock
Piggybacker Alerts
Stay alert for the piggybackers and remove them as soon as possible
FBA Shipment Notifications
Keep track of the FBA shipment status on your phone
Performance Notifications
Daily, weekly, and monthly sales performance reports, monitor all of your accounts performance at a glance
Real-time Sales Reporting
Top products: check your best selling products at any time;
Product Analysis: analyze the traffic, sales and conversion rate, and the trend chart allows you to see at a glance;
Recent orders: FBA&FBM orders are viewed separately, and the FBM order delivery status is updated in time. Real-time view of your orders.
Sales Analysis
Store Analysis: analyze and understand the profit and loss of your business;
ASIN Level Sales Analysis: analyze the profit margin and cost composition of each product, provide data support for your cost optimization;
Muliti-Store Sales Summary: stay on top of multi-store sales performance, with the comparison of each store at a glance.
PPC Optimization
Store Ad Performance: analyze advertising ROI of your store;
ASIN Level Ad Performance: analyze advertising ROI and conversion rate of each product;
Ad Automator: set schedule to turn on/off your ads campaign, avoid the non-converting clicks, improve ads ROI. Schedule the biddings of your ad groups or keywords for different time periods, increase the clicks and lower the costs.