6.1 How to Avoid the Risk of Patent Infringement with Design Patent Search

Design Patent Search allows sellers to find relevant product design patent images and information by simply entering keywords, protecting them from the risk of product infringement.

1. Log in tool4seller Desktop and click on Design Patent Search which is under the Market Insights tab.

2. Select the marketplace (currently supports US and Japan). Then input keywords related to the product and click on Search.

Notice: This feature search by keywords not ASIN.

Amazon Patent Check and Trademark Search

3. You can view Information of Products, National Registration Number and Thumbnail. You can click on the below Details, and it will take you to United States Patent and Trademark Office (uspto) to see originial registration documents.

Notice: The singular and plural versions of the same keyword phrase may have different results. Please pay attention when searching.

Patent picture and registration number

Standard Plan, Professional Plan and Premium Plan: unlimited searches.

Free Plan, Startup Plan and Free-Trial: 0.5 points / time. ($1 = 10 points)

More questions, welcome to contact us at support@tool4seller.com.