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Free Amazon Seller Central data analytics plugin
Seller Central operations dashboard for convenient data viewing
Seller Central sales operations dashboard
  • Convenient: View the main data on the homepage without switching between multiple pages
  • Comprehensive: Provide a clear overview of important sales data
  • Accurate: All data comes from the Amazon MWS to ensure accuracy
  • Effective: Sync every few minutes to ensure that timely and accurate data is provided
Timely receive various important alerts
  • Get daily alert for stock replenishment
  • Timely detect listing hijacks and buy box changes
Q: Is it a paid extension?
Unlike Jungle Scout, Amzscout and other browser extensions, it is used for free.
Q: Which Amazon marketplaces does it support?
Currently, this extension supports most marketplaces, including US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.
Q: Does the extension steal my information?
You don't worry about it. Our extension has been reviewed and approved by Google, so only your listing information can be accessed. We won't get your private information such as browser access history.
Q: Is the extension also available for other browsers?
Yes, it may work on other browsers if they support Chrome extensions. But we still recommend that you install it in Google Chrome.
Download and Install
Install from Chrome Web Store
Local install
Go to the Chrome Web Store.
Install from Chrome Web Store
Click "Add to Chrome".
Click "Add Extension" in the popup box to complete the installation.
Click to download the extension zip file and extract it to the designated drive location.
Direct download and install
Open the 'Extension Manager' in the Google Chrome as shown in the figure.
Click 'Load Unzipped Extension' in the upper right corner to find the folder that you unzipped the extension, and click "Select Folder". The browser will automatically install the extension.
How to Use

1. If you want to use the 'Operations Dashboard', please log in and authorize the store before use. Firstly, you need to log in to the Amazon Seller Central;

2. Click the plugin bar to complete the login procedure. If you do not have a tool4seller account, please sign up first.

3. If your account is not authorized yet, please go to tool4seller for a store authorization. You can get a free trial of all kinds of packages for 14 days after initial authorization. Some free functions are still available for use after the trial period has expired, which can basically meet the needs when you use the plugin.

4. It takes several hours to sync your data after authorization. The toolbar will display the relevant data of your store when you log in to the Seller Central every time. Click to see the plugin dashboard for more details about real-time sales trends, important notice, and other content.

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