Do these two Amazon sellers’ scenarios reflect your case?

One product of yours, hypothetically, is ranked top 30 in the sub category and has 20 daily sales. You have already evaluated the sales volume on Best Seller. You also have known the sales expectation and profit margin. You have enough inventory, and you want to increase sales. What are you going to do?

Another hypothetical scenario : You also have another product. It is ranked around 260 on the sub category. The daily sales is around 10. The peak season of the product is over because the product meets intense competition and it is the seasonal product. But you still have quite a few inventory. What will you do then?

The first product belongs to the small niche market . The daily sales is 20 with profit, but not much. Also, the ranking is not good or bad. However, the seller has over 2000 items in stock. It can take 3 months to sell out the items based on the current sales volume, which obviously is not what the seller wants. According to the turnover rate of capital, even if it is profitable, considering the capital cost, it is not commendable to spend 3 months in selling out the items. Thus, the seller’s idea is making an effort to increase the ranking, the sales, and the turnover rate of capital to make money as soon as possible.

But the sellers’ concern is the conversion rate is very high, approximately 25%, by looking into the store insights; unfortunately, the traffic is insufficient.

For a product, high turnover rate shows the product and the listing optimization have no issues. Ranked top 30 shows the product is overall competitive. The rest is how to solve the issue of the traffic. The sales volume and the ranking should be increased well if the traffic doubles.


But where does the traffic come from?

In term of the site traffic, it comes from four channels: Keyword traffic, Best Sellers Ranking traffic, Site ad views, and Relevance boosted from the sales ranking.

The high conversion rate means the listing and the keyword traffic are basically OK. In terms of the Best Sellers ranking, the product ranked 30 owns number 30’s traffic percentage. This ranking cannot be higher alone; it will not be higher until the sales ranking is higher. I confirmed by analysis that the seller’s advertising budget is a little low, only 10 USD per day. So my advice is: since the order conversion rate is so high, the sales can see the increase when the site advertising budget is higher to attract more ad views and orders. It is predictable that the increase of the seller’s advertising budget will bring more orders, then will increase 3 types: traffic, sales, and ranking.

Of course, in terms of operations, it does not mean the more advertising delivery ensures more orders. I am confident about this because during the process of the evaluation, I compared the product with the same type of products from the competitors, and found that this seller’s price is incredibly competitive, almost the lowest in the top 50. The seller’s overall Listing is fairly good compared with the top 50, which does not have bad performance to make the conversation rate lower than the competitors’.

So I have the solution for the situation above: Maintain the current advertising bidding while doubling the advertising budget. The increasing orders brought by the advertising will make the Best Sellers ranking higher. Then lower the advertising bidding to save the budget when the Listing of the Best Sellers Ranking moves to the top 10. Of course the sales and ranking should stay at the same level; make sure the Listing maintains in the top 10. If the sellers can achieve this, the Listing being top 5 and the sales and profit being doubled are in sight.

In terms of the second scenario, the seller’s product is at the end of the seasonal sales period with much inventory. The seller’s price is $19.99 with 10% Coupons setting. Comparing with the counterparts, even though the seller has the loss with the price of $19.99, the same price of $19.99 or even lower are listed by others. Thus, this price is not obviously competitive. Although the Coupons setting makes the listing look more appealing than those who do not have Coupons, the Coupons’ explicit value is largely decreased due to the lack of competitiveness of the original price. At the same time, the seller’s every product in the store has advertising delivery, but each of them has very low budget. This way with very low advertising budget makes the conversation awful even though the clicks are full.

My solution for this is: since the peak sales season is almost over, and the inventory needs to be cleared, we have to accept the lost of the sunk cost, which means to sell the goods out shortly even it has loss. On the other hand, why cannot transfer the Coupons capital, nearly $3.00, to the original price? The price is very competitive if it is taken off $3 USD. The seller gains the competitiveness while has the same earning without extra loss, why not?!

The final solution: Stop all the listings of the non-key products, and put the advertising budget to three key products. Cancel the Coupons setting at the same time, and take $3.00 off the original price. By this adjustment, the key clearance products have abundant advertising, and the overall advertising budget is saved. By canceling the Coupons, the price adjusted has exceptional competitiveness, and the sales can see good increase, so that the seller can clear the inventory, and possibly push this overstock product to become the best-seller.

How to let an unrecommended listing to participate in Amazon LD?

Many sellers understand that Amazon Lightning Deals (LD) is very popular among buyers. It can help sellers get more exposure, increase conversion rate and increase sales. Once again, it can help clean up redundant inventory and help sellers to get more revenue.


Then, how to participate in Lighting Deal?

Amazon charges a service fee for LD function, which is usually $150 for 4-6 hours. For the recommended listing, the seller can applied for this function from background.

1,Enter the LD dashboard from the ads pull-down menu in the seller central.

2,After entering the Lightning Deals Dashboard, you can create LD for the recommended listing by yourself. As shown in the figure below, click on the recommended product “Advanced           Editing Interface” arbitrarily.

3,Determine the details of the LD, select the time period and pictures for the LD, the most important and determine the LD price. Generally, there is a suggested LD price. The LD price we set can only be less than or equal to the recommended LD price, and then set number of products to participate in the LD, and the click to submit, waiting for scheduling of the LD.Observe the results of the scheduling and see what time it begins. If the time period is very poor, we need to cancel the LD in time.

How to get an unrecommended listing to participate in an Amazon LD?

First of all, we need to understand that Amazon LD operates through recommendation system, recommendation requires certain qualifications. As far as I know, the first requirement is that the number of reviews of the listings is preferably more than 10; The second is that rating review score of the listing is preferably higher than 3.5; The third is that the delivery means must be FBA logistics. The fourth, it should also be noted that new stores without feedback are generally not recommended for LD, and the number of feedback should preferably be more than 5.

It is especially noticed that the data of Amazon often delays, and many listings that meet the above qualifications are still not recommended. We can use some skills to activate the listing LD recommendation. The method is as follows (USA site):

  1. 1. Enter the LD Dashboard from the Amazon seller central.

  1. 2. After entering the LD interface, click the “See all recommendations” .

  1. 3. Enter the corresponding interface, as shown below. Keep the content in the red box in the domain name field. Delete the part after “?”, and then add “/ product SKU”.

  1. 4. Refresh a few times, it can basically be activated, Almost all those meet the above four qualifications can be activated. After activation, you can apply LD yourself!

Product description ideas commonly used by Big Amazon sellers

In the process of listing optimization after new products are put on Amazon’s shelves, product description is the second most important content next to the title, and it is also the main reason for customers to know about the products and feel relieved to purchase. The quality of product description will affect the conversion rate. How do some big sellers write their product descriptions?

Product description is one of the factors that make sellers successful on Amazon platform. The product descriptions of all successful sellers will not deliberately exaggerate product functionality or utility for the sake of sales.

This article will combine a few examples to illustrate what kind of listing copies are more popular with consumers, which copies have no practical effect, and which copies might get you a bad review:

Example 1: Description of a kettle

Unrecommended version: BESTSELLING WATER BOTTLE ON AMAZON! Awesome features make this the only water bottle you’ll ever need. Check out our reviews and see that this new water bottle beats all the others hands down!!

Recommended version: No-Dribble Mouthpiece Design: Unlike ordinary water bottles which aren’t constructed to fit your mouth, this [brand] bottle offers an ergonomically designed, no-dribble sipping spout for added comfort

We notice that in the first description, consumers can not get any details related to the kettle, only the seller’s enthusiasm. In the second description, simply one or two sentences can let consumers know what is unique about the kettle.

Product details are exactly what customers want to know when they buy a product, and you don’t want customers to turn to your competitors only because they can’t find any product details in your description, right?

To say the least, even if the customer buys your product, he will find it is not what he expected after he got it. He may return your product. What’s worse, a disappointed customer may leave a negative review, which is unfavorable for your subsequent sales.

Then, how do you avoid overstating in your product description?

1, it is recommended not to use the superlative form. When you describe a product as “the best”, “the most valuable”, or “the cutest”, you need to provide specific evidence, such as comments from third parties such as industry celebrities, web celebrities, or well-known customers. Otherwise, the customers will feel that you’re just bragging.
The relevant policy of Google Ad Words prohibits users from using the superlative form to promote their products or services. “In the absence of third-party recognition and support, users are prohibited from using superlative (‘ best ‘) and comparative (‘ better than ‘) descriptions in the promotion copy of landing page.
2. Reduce the use of exclamation marks. Many lazy sellers usually try to use exclamation marks to express their excitement, but for readers, it’s somewhat visual noise.
Don’t claim something impossible or false. For example, “you’ll shed pounds without playing or exercise”, “the blender that gives your vegetables four-star taste” and “a scent that no man can resist” and similar description. Some consumers will immediately recognize your exaggeration. Although some consumers may believe it, they will be disappointed when they get the product and you may suffer. When writing the product description, the seller should conform to the true situation of the product, and when describing the product effect, it is best to provide practical evidence.
4. Do not add too much emotional description. Most of the product description is given priority to the adjectives, except for words such as “minute”, “durable”, “soft”, and “contemporary” and similar words that help consumers understand features of the product, many sellers use meaningless exclamations such as “amazing”, “exciting”, and “fascinating”, but these words are useless for customers to understand your product.
At this point, some sellers will say that, the product description will appear very monotonous without these words and symbols, don’t worry.

Here are four ways to make your product descriptions alive:

1, Use sensory language. Sensory language here refers to visual, auditory, or tactile descriptive words. These words can stimulate the reader’s imagination, and of course it is better to add a touch of emotion. For example, you are selling plush toys. The seller might use “soft” or “cottony” to describe the soft texture. But you can try using “snuggly” instead. Does that make it more imaginative to snuggle with your doll, as if snuggling it was comforting?

As shown in the figure above, Patagonia shorts use words such as “comfortable against the skin” and “soft to the touch” instead of simply using “soft” or “comfortable” in the description to make customers feel comfortable even they have not got the product

2, Imaginative scenario. Describing product usage scenarios helps shoppers understand how to apply products in their lives. Assuming you’re selling an ergonomic stapler, you can tell the consumer that they will not feel tired even if they’re continuously stapling 100 copies of materials.

As shown above, Moose jaw describes their ladies’ hoodies as “a cozy wrap for cool coffee mornings or heading to yoga at the downtown studio”.

3, Use unexpected vocabularies. Moose jaw describes the length of the hoodie in the figure above as “tunic length to cover your legging-bottomed tush” instead of directly saying a few inches below the waist. When describing the thickness of the jacket, it says “long sleeve to keep the goosebumps at bay” instead of directly saying “long-sleeved to keep you warm”. Besides this hoodie, the descriptions of other winter products on Moose are also very interesting, such as “ready to trap warm air next to your body”, “while it’s going to be useful you know,” and something like that.

4, Use the tone of communication. Try a conversation instead of a serious text format. You can use more informal languages such as “you” and “we” to convey your views in informal languages such as questions or short sentences. For instance, “You know how guests never know where to sit at dinner parties? Without kooky place cards, your shindig kicks off on a fun note”.

The sofa description of British e-commerce Loaf is like a talkative furniture salesman chatting with his customers, using “easy-peasy”, “No problem!” and “Call us to find out more” and other spoken expressions.

As shown above, King Arthur Flour also took a nickname “Zo” for their high-end toaster.

In this way, do you find that product descriptions can be as fresh as they are without exaggeration or exaggeration, and that they can provide your potential customers with the most authentic and reliable product information. You can try to write a product description copy step by step.


  • Recapitulative words or phrases make the description of the product clearer, and the following paragraphs can be used as supplements or explanations;
  • Check the words to confirm if there are repeated words, and if it can be replaced with other words, too many keywords is not very friendly to the SEO of listing;
  • Check spelling and grammar to avoid typos that seems very unprofessional;
  • You can also retouch it a bit after finishing a description, adding sentences that can initiate consumers to purchase desires;
  • Be concise and use the least vocabulary to express the meaning;
  • You can imitate but do not copy, if you do not know how to write a description, you can refer to the other seller’s description, rewrite, but do not copy them all, this will not be helpful for your product to attract customers.

How to use Facebook to do product research?[Chapter II]

How to download Facebook videos quickly?

Well, here’s a problem at this time.
What if the video is watermarked?

Type in the product title in the Facebook search box, switch to the video tag, and then you can see that there are many different videos promoting the same product. Play the videos one by one, you can usually find a video without a watermark.

If you can’t find a video without a watermark (it can be easily removed), you can launch picture ads, or use some video editor to remove the watermark and logo. Don’t worry about the infringement of the video, because you’re not the only one using it, many drop shipper will use these videos.

Is Video embezzlement infringement?

Yes, of course!

But the purpose of your advertising is to attract traffic to your landing page, not directly using video!

“That is still infringement!”

The essence of this business is to quickly obtain traffic, quickly obtain high-value profits, and save time costs……

“That still is tort!”

I’m having a hard time with you~~~

Step 3. Monitor your competitors’ ads

Next, you’ll have to study the ads of your competitors to see what their advertising material is and what the audience is.

For example, if you know who your competitors are, you can: open your competitors’ Facebook page and click on the Info and Ads on the left to show what ads they have placed in a country.

If you only want to see your competitor’s ads in your feed and not his other information, you can install extension program like Turbo Ad finder to filter out other information.

If you don’t know who your competitors are, you can pick them up at Google and then go to Facebook to monitor their ads.

Use Google search the site: niche, or niche, such as jewelry, and the result will show you other shopify stores engaged in jewelry, as shown below:

Install Facebook Pixel Helper (check if your competitor has a Facebook ads). Then visit the competitor’s store, click on the Pixel Helper icon in the upper right corner, as shown below, find the 3 pixels of MVMT

If the Pixel Helper icon is gray, it means that no pixels have been found on the website.

Then add a few products to your shopping cart, or check out its website regularly (the competitor probably has installed Facebook tracking pixel tools, so Facebook knows you’re looking at his site), and you’ll find that Facebook displays the competitor’s ads in the news feed.

If you add its products to cart, you can go back to Facebook and check the message your competitor sent you in the lower right corner.

Click “Why am I seeing this”, Facebook will tell you why this ads is displayed to you.

As shown in the figure below, the sentences highlighted in red is the reason. That’s how your competitors is advertising.

Therefore, when you monitor competitors, you should focus on the following information:

Copywriting and materials;

Age positioning is 13 years old or older;

The target audience is visitors who have visited the MVMT page;

The ads are displayed in the news feed.

With this strategy, we can find related products on Facebook (almost everyone is using Facebook for marketing), and then we can know their promotion strategies, copywriting and materials. On this basis, we can also know the advertising situation of our competitors!

How to use Facebook to do product research?[Chapter I]

Today we’re going to share how to use Facebook search (promote video) to locate hot selling products in the future.


Step 1. How to invest the potential products through promoting video?

Have you noticed that Facebook has now become the largest community marketing base? No matter what online business, many have to do with Facebook.
So the same is true on Facebook, many sellers like to use Facebook as a channel for marketing.

And we are sure to find some rules, For example, many marketers will sell products at a discount on the Facebook platform, so we can input following words in the Facebook search box.

◎ 50% off free shipping

◎ Free shipping

Then select the video tag, the year is 2018, check the videos over the last 3 months

This allows you to see some of the most recent video promotion products, check the number of times the video is played, the number of comments, and the number of shares.

Then repeat the steps above, just replace the search content with following contents:

60% off free shipping

70% off free shipping

just pay shipping


If the post has reviews in the past 5 days or 7 days, this product is not too saturated and can be used in your store.

If you’ve already decided to engage in some niche, you can change the search content to

baby just pay shipping

golf just pay shipping

necklace just pay shipping

Or something like that… as shown below:

Here, I just select the Video tag (of course, you can also view other tags, that’s no problem).

In this way, we can find out the latest products, especially many of those experts in Drop shipping use this method to promote products.


Step 2: how do I use these products in my store?

First, play the video found and click the product link (the claimed video will definitely have a link, and this link is the promotion link).

Then, access the product details page through this product link, copy the product title, and then search the product in AliExpress, use Oberlo to import the same product you found into your store.

We find the link through the video, then enter the website, as shown below.

Then, we can copy the title and search for the product directly in AliExpress.

Next, you can directly find the supplies and calculate the profit of the product.

If you want to put the video in your store, you can download Facebook videos using

Suggestions for Amazon sellers to boost sales

1, Get as much reviews as possible

Consumer reviews play very important role, with 88 percent of consumers trusting online reviews. Therefore, sellers should try their best to get as much positive customer reviews as possible, and it’s better to have photos. However, about 90 percent of Amazon buyers don’t leave comments, so sellers can use Feedback Five or similar tools to increase the amount of feedback and remove negative reviews.


2, Use the appropriate keywords to improve SEO

In addition to the seller’s rating and product price, Amazon also uses the keywords in the product title to rank the listing. Amazon’s product titles are limited to 500 characters and are recommended to include brands, descriptions, product line, materials, colors, and sizes.

Sellers can use the Amazon Keyword Tool to find popular long-tailed title keywords, and find the keywords that are right for you among these keywords, and then enter them into Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to evaluate the search volume of these keywords.

Besides the product title, Amazon has other keyword fields. You can enter five keywords or phrases into the fields. Remember, do not use keywords that already appear in the title.

3, Keep the price competitive advantage and win Buy Box

Inventory, logistics, customer service, and prices are important factors to win Buy Box. Repricing tools such as FeedVisor or teikametrics can help you monitor competitors ‘prices 24 hours a day. For example, you can set your price $0.01 lower than that of your competitors and keep your price competitive at all times. If your competitors are out of stock, these tools automatically raise prices to maximize your profits.

4, Use Amazon’s advertising services

If you want to make your product attractive, try Amazon sponsored product service, which gets your product listed in the search results, in the right column of the page, or on the product details page. Amazon announced that it plans to enhance this feature to make ads more visible. More important, it offers a free trial.

5, Attract consumers with discounts

Discounts are an important way to attract consumers. Promotions and discounts can place you at the top of the category, while also increase your probability of appearing in the ‘Hot Deals’ and’ New & Noteworthy’ sections of amazon’s homepage, which can bring you significant traffic and increase the exposure of related products on your page, and further attract consumers to buy other products.

6, Amazon off-site marketing

Although Amazon does not allow email or other means that lead consumers to links to other sites, you can instead direct consumers to your Amazon store from other sites. Articles and blogs are great ways to achieve the goal. Write some articles about your products on websites such as Hubpages, Go Articles and Isnare and links back to your store.

Leaving coupons with your packing list is also an effective way to keep customers. Lightning deal, one-time promotions and free delivery are all effective ways to attract consumers to place orders again.


Part II: Amazon Case Analysis

Now, let’s look at a real case together! ToiletTree is an Amazon seller in New Jersey, USA.

They put a lot of effort into building their websites and get huge traffic from Google through SEO optimization and keyword advertising.

At the same time, they make great efforts to integrate their online store with social platforms like Facebook and Amazon.

Facebook Page:

Finally, let’s take a look at the Noose Trimmer of ToiletTree on Amazon. As you can see from the figure below, the price of this product from ToiletTree is $17.95.

It ranks # 47 in the Beauty category and # 1 in the sub-category. The total number of favorable reviews has reached 3,589! What a great sales!

As you can see from this actual case, the net profit of this product of ToiletTree is at least $10. At such a high price, It can manage to rank first in the sub-category of Amazon and top 50 in the category. That’s where American sellers stand out!

Good advice for practical operation: 14 basic methods to increase Amazon sales

Whether you are new seller or experienced seller, you may have invested much time and energy in trying to increase Amazon sales. This paper will introduce some basic methods for sales increase, hoping that it will help the seller improve the sales strategy on Amazon and stand out in the competition.


  1. 1.Frequently check the UPC code

When publishing listings of new products on Amazon, it is able to choose to input product barcode or UPC code, so that Amazon can visit all information of the product automatically. But manufacturer may not change the UPC code even if the product has been changed or renewed, so the seller must be careful enough. That is, the seller should always be sure that the product details automatically screened by Amazon are accurate, or the seller may be in trouble.

  1. 2.Make the product price competitive

Many E-commerce consumers want to find cheap goods in Amazon. They may walk into a shop and view the product on Amazon. If your price is very competitive, the seller will purchase your product on Amazon directly. So, it is suggested that the seller should check the price of competitors and reset the price.


  1. 3.Use high-quality picture

Picture is an important part consisting the purchase experience of consumers. Since when they are online, they can not feel and experience the product by themselves and can only get intuitive feelings of the product according to pictures. So if the picture is vague, out of shape or with clutter background, it will influence the buyers in making decision to buy goods. At the same time, the seller should make sure that the picture can truly present the products.

They seller can try to take photo of the products from multiple angle to show the use details of the product and try to use white background, delete clutters and insignificant things in the pictures. More and more consumers are visual creatures; therefore, the sellers should attract them with excellent pictures different from others.


  1. 4.Try to win “Buy Box”

Winning Buy Box can increase Amazon sales and seller can improve the rate to win Buy Box through following methods:

  • Provide lower, competitive price
  • Keep good stock level
  • Deliver goods by Amazon FBA
  • Keep higher seller rating
  • Win praise and favorable comments from many consumers
  • Create unique package product, namely bind 3 or more products together for sale, such as perfume package etc.

  1. 5.Off-site sharing

Amazon does not allow the seller to share the traffic to his own website, but allows the seller to share the traffic of other websites with Amazon. The seller may consider to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and other social platforms for sharing.

To improve the listing flow of the product, the seller may present discount coupon.


  1. 6.Use Amazon marketing service

The advantage of Amazon marketing service lies in:

  • The advertisements are highly targeted and visible
  • The seller pay according to click, not according to exposure rate
  • The seller can get the data of advertisement series
  • The seller can optimize advertisement series according to the feedback


  1. 7.Optimize SEO using keywords

The most important method to improve the product visibility is to use keywords. When filling in keywords in Amazon, the seller should start from the following most basic information:

  • Brand
  • Product description
  • Product series
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity

Besides, it is strongly recommended that the seller use the automatic keywords filling function of Amazon and collect long keywords popular on Amazon. This tool may give a score according to keywords and seller can select the keywords with highest score to put them into the keywords planner of Google to check the search volume of the keywords.


  1. 8.Use Amazon professional seller plan

Advantage of using Amazon professional seller plan lies in:

Can create listing for non existing products on Amazon and can also sell products in package;

Only professional seller can apply for sale of restricted classifications on Amazon, such as clothes and jewelry;

Amazon provide feedback tools for professional sellers, such as stock report and spreadsheet;

Sales promotion and gift service are only provided for professional sellers;

Only professional sellers can participate in Buy Box competition;

Interestingly, according to statistics, 78% of sales on Amazon comes from Buy Box.

  1. 9.Improve the average sale price of your product

Improving the average sale price of the product can help seller improve profit rate and reduce sales cost. The seller should remember that, whatever categories to sell, the higher your average sale price, the more profits you get. On amazon, good ASP is about 35 dollars. With higher average sale price of the product, the seller get higher profits and the proportion of sale cost is reduced correspondingly:


Amazon will charge 5.42 dollars for bracelet selling for 15 dollars, accounting for 36.2% of the sale price.

Amazon will charge 23.35 dollars for blender selling for 144 dollars, accounting for 16.2% of the sale price.


  1. 10.Deliver goods by FBA

Advantage of delivering goods using FBA

  • All FBA products meet the Prime delivery qualification
  • Provide two-day product delivery service
  • Amazon is responsible for all logistics and distribution of all products

  1. 11.Customer service is of vital importance

There are many sellers selling the same products on Amazon and if the seller wants to stand out, he can achieve this by providing excellent customer service. It will help seller:

  • Improve percent conversion
  • Retain consumers
  • Good customer service practice includes:
  • Fast answer questions of consumers
  • Calmly and professionally solve the disputes
  • Friendly deal with the order return
Notes: When using FBA for good delivery, Amazon may deal with all sales return and customer services issues which is an advantage for sellers busy with operation and business development.


  1. 12.Encourage customer reviews

Favorable review is the key for sellers to optimize search engine and win Buy Box. To receive good reviews, it is recommended to contact with consumer during the whole purchase process and make sure that they are satisfied with the product. If the product fails to satisfy the customer, the problems should be solved in time.

  1. 13.Pay attention to stock level

If the seller can keep high stock level, the product shall get higher ranking and visibility on Amazon. If you sell products in multiple channels, you may consider using e-commerce inventory management service.


  1. 14.To be an expert and create your own brand

Amazon is striving to create its own advantages and become brand expert. At the same time, the sellers can also create brands to improve the brand awareness of consumers and self identification.

In-depth analysis: How to carry out Amazon SEO?

Image result for amazon seo

How to carry out Amazon SEO? Essentially, you need to optimize three contents: relevance and conversion rate, buyer satisfaction and retention rate, which mainly involves the following points:

I.Product listing optimization

1.Title optimization (core of the optimization)

It is the core of the title listing optimization and will directly affect the performance of your product in search results.

According to Amazon guidelines, the title should contain the following elements:

  • Brand
  • Product line
  • Material/ key features
  • Product type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Package/quantity

Key points of optimization: It is critical to arrange these elements reasonably while using additional keywords in the title. The order of keywords and the choice of keywords can significantly affect product sales and rankings.

The order of the keywords: In Amazon’s natural search results for the same product, the titles displayed in the right ad column and the three places on the mobile terminals are different, because the length of the titles in these positions are different. Length of the title in natural result is usually 115-144 characters, while about 30-33 characters in right ad column and 55-63 characters in the mobile terminals.

So the conclusion is that, the title must contain the most relevant keyword in the first place. This can be done by first making a list of the most important keywords and then placing them in front of each character node of the different titles. You can use some keyword tools to find the keywords. At the same time, you can learn from your competitors, it’s a great help to the optimization if you can check their data and see what they’re doing.

Can I place the brand name in the title?

This depends on the brand awareness of the product. It is recommended to do several tests to see how it works.

Note: Do not stack keywords in the title. This method used to work, but it has now failed. The best approach is to perform keyword operations in search terms.


2. Bullet ports optimization:

Bullet points do not directly affect the ranking of search results, but they do affect the results in terms of conversion rate and product relevance.

The main function of listing bullets is to showcase the features and benefits of the product.

The optimization point is that the keywords used in the title should be mentioned again in the bullet point. You should also use the keyword tool to extract some similar keywords and use them to enrich your description. At the same time, if you can mention the products that your product is compatible with in the bullet points, it will also be helpful for search rankings. Most sellers will mention Warranty terms in the bullet points. The best practice is to test several more versions and combinations to see which works best in term of conversion.

Product Description: Tell a good story

Product descriptions don’t directly influence rankings, but a good product description will have positive impacts on conversions. Key points of optimization: add some valuable keywords you want to include in the product description, and at the end include CTA (call to action), such as “buy now” to increase conversion rate.

Note: Ordinary seller may not be very good at writing good product descriptions. So, it is recommended that you turn it over to a professional writer.

Commonly used tools: keyword collection tool, word2cleanhtml, which converts word directly into HTML format for easy pasting to the background.

Search Terms Optimization in the background:

Most people used to stack keywords on the title, which led to poor user experience. But later, Amazon added a search terms feature that put these ugly keywords in the background, however, this caused a new problem: you can’t see how competitors placed keywords.

Optimization method for this part: use keyword tools, or manually to collect keywords from competitors, however, some tools can even collect search terms of the competitors, and then add these keywords or search terms to your listing.

Note: Do not use commas to separate these keywords. Do not repeat the keywords in the listing. It is no need to repeat the words used in the search terms in other places.

II.Optimization of Product Conversion Rate

1.Sales is the king

Among all the optimizations, the one that has the largest impact on ranking is product sales. If the sales of your listing product is larger than that of your competitors, your ranking will be directly higher than him. So simple and direct! The usual practice is to attract in-station or out-station traffic to your listing. In-station streaming includes PPC, out-station streaming includes Facebook, Google advertising, and of course there are many other ways

2.Product Review

If a product sells well but has no reviews, its ranking will slowly decline and it will slowly withdraw from the homepage. However, once new reviews are added, the ranking of the product will immediately rise.

The trigger for customers to buy products is product review, which plays an important role in sales transformation.

It is safer to try your best to serve customers when they purchase products. Understand the customer’s experience through following up by email, and ask for a review or comments when the customer gives a good feedback.

Another way is to find someone to leave a comment.

How to find people to leave reviews? Generally take the initiative to find reviewer in Facebook, BBS and review websites, currently there are many tools, there are also a lot of enthusiastic sellers to share tutorials, and help you quickly solve these problems.

III. Other optimizations

1. Join FBA

Using FBA can improve the user experience and bring more traffic and orders.

2.Picture optimization

The high-quality picture can clearly show the product’s characteristics to the user, which can greatly improve the conversion rate of the product. If you can’t do the job yourself, outsourcing is recommended.

In a word, Amazon SEO is a continuous and patient work. Once you select the products correctly and finish all necessary works. I believe you will be able to create a best seller.

How to find Amazon buyers and conduct remarketing by using Facebook?

Today we’d like to share Retargeting, a brand new way for off-site promotion in 2019, with you! We need to point out that off-site promotion does not mean that outside Amazon only. However, these methods can be applied to the off-site promotions of nearly all B2C and B2B platforms!


Why is Retargeting so important for off-site promotions?


The function of Retargeting is that when any customer views your listing page or puts any product into his or her shopping cart without buying it immediately, relevant advertisements will lock in the customer via its browsing history, Cookies, and continuously display relevant products in other pages viewed by the customer to increase his or her probability of placing an order.


Currently, there are two largest Retargeting platforms: Facebook and Google. However, it seems that other large-scale platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, and Wish, are trying their best to avoid Retargeting. We cannot be sure whether they worry that a private transaction will be made as a result of frequent contacts between a potential buyer and relevant seller.

In fact, we think that two criteria for the operation conversion rate of independent websites are of great importance, which are:

1.Products need to be unique and personalized so that customers cannot find similar ones from other places (Nowadays Amazon asks sellers to perform R & D).

2.Retargeting is an emphasis for placing orders. In North America, the buyers who place orders via independent websites grow at the rate of nearly 40% annually. Their average probability of placing orders at the sight of listing pages is as low as 0.1%, but that is as high as 30% after activating Retargeting function.


Important impacts of Retargeting on platform sellers:


The largest disadvantage of platform-bases sales is that one’s customers cannot be accumulated. As a result, we think that sellers can achieve four goals by using Retargeting and off-site promotion.

1.Sending product coupons and promotion information of new products

2.Attracting customers to place orders at one’s listing page on Amazon

3.Achieving the email and contacts of any buyer

4.Reminding buyers to write reviews


Solving the technical problems of Retargeting for Amazon buyers


Any seller who knows Retargeting should be aware that the precondition of performing Retargeting is inserting the tracking code of Facebook or Google into relevant pages. It’s open and easy to do so at Shopify, but it’s quite difficult to do so for Amazon because you have no way to insert such code into Amazon listing pages.


However, the problem can be easily solved by using the customer matching function provided by Facebook. The operation is as follows:

Step 1: You can export customers’ information from Amazon background, including family name, given name, city, state/province, country, and phone number or Email if possible;

Step 2: Upload relevant information to the user-defined customer in Business Facebook;

Step 3: Enter Facebook Business Manager and upload the above customer information; by using the customer matching function provided by Facebook, you can make Facebook find relevant buyers automatically and find all similar customers from target markets by using Facebook customer profile.


We believe that accurate customer base can be found by using the above method. And you can obtain unexpected gains with very low budgets by using their profiles to match more similar customers!

Beginner Sellers Must Add to Favorites—-A Collection of Amazon Related Nouns

Do you still vex at being incomprehensible to Amazon professional vocabularies? This article will analyze every type of Amazon related nouns in detail. The beginner sellers must not miss it!

SKU – Stock Keeping Unit

It refers to the quantity unit of stock in and out.

For e-commerce:

1. SKU is a type of commodity, each of which has a SKU for the e-commerce to conveniently distinguish goods.
2. One commodity with various colors will have many SKUs, for example, one clothes has red, white and blue colors, and then the SKU ID will be different. If ID is the same, it will cause confusion that wrong goods will be delivered.

ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Number

ASIN, a letter-number combination randomly generated by Amazon, is a special coded identification of Amazon commodities and each commodity has different identification.

KYC – Know your customer

KYC policy not only requires financial institutions to implement account real-name system to know the actual controller of the account and the real beneficiary of the transaction, but also needs to have a full understanding of the status, permanent address of the customer or the business an enterprise engages in and take corresponding measures, so as to know the legitimacy of the funds sources.

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA means all the high standard logistics services provided by Amazon, including storage, goods picking, package, delivery and return of goods.

UPC – universal production code

UPC is the earliest code applied in large scale, whose characteristics lie in that it is a code with fixed length and continuity. Currently it is mainly used in American and Canada; because of the extensive application, it is also called as omnipotent code. UPC code can only be indicated by number, so its code set is from 0-9.

GCID – Global Catalog Identifier

GCID is a brand identifier generated interiorly. When your brand is successfully put on file, Amazon will automatically allocate a unique GCID—16 characters with letters and numbers after you provide a key attribute. This GCID code will equal to the UPC code in each of your listing, and then your UPC code can be omitted.

ODR – Order Defect Rate

ODR is the percentage of receiving negative feedbacks, transaction guarantee claims of Amazon mall or the rejected orders of service credit cards. The objective is no more than 1%, which must be reached.