5 tips for you get rid of piggybackers


We all know that Amazon allows piggybacking. It was intended to provide better prices for consumers, but it also made many brand sellers miserable. Piggybacker, is like a parasite, leeched to your listing, taking away the buybox and sales that should belong to you. How to prevent and deal with these piggybackers?


tool4seller prepared 5 tips for you get rid of piggybackers! Let’s take a look at these strategies!

One: Send a warning letter to the piggybacking seller

Two: Open a case to Amazon seller support to report the other party for infringement

Three: Report violation in Amazon brand registration

Four: Win back the buybox to prevent lost sales, use tool4seller to help with smart price adjustment

Five: Find a service provider to help you quickly remove the piggybacker


One: Send a warning letter to the piggybacking seller

How to send a warning letter to the piggybacking seller?

1. Locate the piggybacking seller

2. Click on Ask a question, start sending warning letter to the seller

3. Send warning letter template.

Template A: Warning letter to piggybacking seller


We noticed that your company has been selling on our listings. In response to this unauthorized sales behavior, we have drafted the following measures and will implement them step by step.

1. We have contacted Amazon’s account manager, who suggests that we should write complaints to Amazon.

2. In addition, we will use our own means to protect our legitimate rights and interests. We will purchase the products of every maliciously competing seller, first place 10 orders, and then leave honest feedbacks to your account (as sellers, we all know what kind of honest feedbacks will not be deleted by Amazon), we guarantee that we will continue to do this while opening A-to-Z or Chargeback claims and getting the money back.

3. We will also report to Amazon after placing the order that you are selling fake and low quality products. At first, Amazon will issue a warning to you immediately, after multiple reports from us, your account will be suspended directly. Please be assured that we know how to make it happen.

Please stop your piggybacking behavior after reading this email. Thank you.

Store Name



Template B: For sellers with brand registry to send warning letter

Your registered brand name —- A

( Authorized brand name or registered brand name)

The other party (seller) brand name —- B

( Seller name or brand name you want to file complaint against)


We noticed that “B” used the “A” trademark without the permission or prior written authorization of “A”.

As you know, the unauthorized sale of “A” products is an illegal act and a serious violation of the trademark law. As the trademark owner, we did not sell any “A” brand products to you, nor did we authorize you to sell any “A” brand products. You also violated Amazon’s policy.

We kindly ask you to follow our instructions:

a) Remove your offer from all “A” product listings on amazon.com within 24 hours, and do not list items on Aicok’s product pages in the future.

b) After you delete the involoved product and listings, please send us a confirmation.

If you do not comply with these requirements, we will have no choice but to submit a formal complaint to the Amazon Seller Performance team, which will seriously affect your account performance on Amazon.

Here is the link to the product in question: http://

Store Name



Two: Open a case to Amazon seller support to report the other party for infringement

1. Click Get Support under Help, enter to Report listing abuse, and submit a case to report a violation to Amazon’s seller support team.

2. The following is an example of opening a case to complain against piggybacking, you can modify and submit according to the specific situation.

Dear Amazon Team,

I am the owner of the “ A ” trademark, the Chinese name I registered on Amazon is Zhang San (your name registered on Amazon, such as Zhang San),

My “ A ” trademark registration number is 123456(trademark registration number), the Chinese name I registered trademark is also Zhang San, and my “ A ” trademark has been registered in the Amazon, so I am the owner of the “ A ” trademark,

Please check again that, I have not authorized anyone to use “ A ” trademarks on Amazon, but I found that The “ B ” seller is using “ A ” trademark without my authorization,

the ASIN: B01122222(ASIN being piggybacked), please immediately stop the infringement.

xxx(your brand)Team


Three: Report violation in Amazon brand registration

Brand registration is free. As long as sellers make sure that they own the registered brand, they can register this brand in Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Brand Registry. If you already have a brand registered with Amazon, and you still cannot remove the piggybacker after sending the warning letter, you can report it through Amazon brand registry to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Web address to file complaint: https://www.amazon.com/report/infringement

Four: Win back the buybox to prevent lost sales, use tool4seller to help with smart price adjustment

Tool4seller’s smart price adjustment function allows you to quickly and accurately adjust prices without logging in to the Seller Central.

With the piggybacker alerts, you only need to add the price adjustment rules in the Products for price adjustment page.

The software will adjust the price for you in time according to the price adjustment strategy, and help you win back the buybox!

Five: Find a service provider to help you quickly remove the piggybacker

Since cross-border e-commerce has become more and more popular, there are constant disputes between sellers and piggybackers, and many Amazon service providers have also launched piggybacker removal services.

Many of these service providers were sellers themselves, and they have rich experience in piggybacking and counter-piggybacking. The slogan of these service providers is “We won’t charge you until it is done”. Sellers who have no time or experience to fight with piggybackers can consider looking for a professional service provider to help.

However, the capabilities of these service providers are not all equal. It is always necessary to be careful when choosing which one to work with, and pay attention to the service providers’ reputation and experience.

The above are the tips prepared by tool4seller for Amazon sellers. Have you got it? I wish all Amazon sellers and friends to be able to stay away from the trouble of piggybacking and get rich!


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