How Can AI Help With Improving Customer Service?

How can AI Help With Improving Customer Service

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow and evolve, customer service has become an increasingly important factor in the success of an online business. With Amazon being one of the largest and most competitive online marketplaces, it's crucial for sellers to provide exceptional customer support in order to stand out and thrive in this highly competitive environment. However, with so many tasks and responsibilities to manage, it's easy for sellers to fall behind on responding to customer inquiries, leading to negative consequences for their business. There are various reasons why Amazon sellers fail to reply to customers in time.

Reasons For Customer Service Failure

● Poor writing skills - It can undermine communication between sellers and customers. If sellers struggle with basic writing skills, such as spelling, grammar, or punctuation, it can lead to misunderstandings and confusion.
● Inconvenient circumstances - Sellers who are outside may be distracted and unable to provide a well-formed email and timely manner to customers.
● Language difficulties - If sellers can't understand the buyers because of language barrier, it can be difficult for them to find a solution which may lead to customer complaints.
To tackle these problems, you may need to spend lots of time and effort. Improving your language skills takes time, and handling a large number of emails can be expensive if you hire a professional company or large number of staff. You can simply solbve these problems by using Tool4seller, which provides AI Reply Generator and AI Reply Optimization to streamline the process of buyer message reply.

What Is AI Buyer Message Reply?

AI Message Reply describes itself as an “AI assistant” and is an AI text tool similar to ChatGPT. It is a feature that can analyze understands the context and sentiment of customer messages and identify the patterns and common themes in the questions and concerns raised. It then suggests pre-written responses that are tailored to the specific inquiry, saving the seller time and ensuring that responses both relevant and empathetic, customers receive accurate and timely information. This feature is particularly useful for sellers who receive a large volume of customer inquiries and want to streamline their communication process without sacrificing quality or personalization.
By using this AI, sellers can improve their response times, reduce the likelihood of errors or miscommunications, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

How To Use AI To Respond To Customers

To address the aforementioned reasons for poor after-sales service, we conducted experiments using the AI Buyer Message Reply feature. We tested its ability to handle inquiries from customers with poor writing ability, those who were distracted by inconvenient oocasions, and those who faced language difficulties. The AI was able to understand and interpret these inquiries, and generate pre-written responses that were relevant and empathetic to the customer's concerns. Let's see its performance and what else it can do to improve customer experience.

Reduce errors in writing

Poor writing skills can negatively impact customer service by creating confusion, frustration, and a lack of professionalism. However, AI can easily assist in writing, further improving the customer service experience.
A customer has contacted us regarding their product inquiry and has informed us that they did not receive the shoulder strap needed to connect it to their car seat. They have requested a replacement or a refund.

customer question

Some sellers who struggle with grammar and spelling may encounter difficulties when responding to customer inquiries like this.

You can see that there are many errors in this email and then we use tool4seller's AI Reply Optimization to see how it optimize this email.

customer experience

It is evident that the writer corrected spelling errors with the correct words, such as "missing" and "provide." They also rectified grammatical mistakes and improved the readability of the email by enhancing the sentence structure. Additionally, AI added a touch of politeness and friendliness to the email such as adding "Dear" and expressing apologies for the problem caused by them . They also demonstrated their commitment to addressing the issue, which can help to mitigate the customer's dissatisfaction and improve their satisfaction.

Provide quick resolutions

Buyers may become frustrated when sellers outside failing to promptly respond to emails or provide timely customer service, leading to a negative shopping experience. Tool4seller's AI Generate A Reply can provide auto-generated response which assists sellers in addressing buyers needs in a timely and personalized manner.

improve customer service

Just click the AI Reply Generaor and it can automate creating a reply according to the buyer's question.

AI customer service

Within 30 seconds, the result generated. AI Generate A Reply is able to recognize when a buyer is missing a strap and asks for his order number and name and thank the buyer for his understanding. This feature allows you to reply to your customers anytime, anywhere. If you're not satisfied with this answer, you can also click "regenerate" to get a different response.

Understand different languages

When operating E-commerce, you may encounter buyers from different countries who may not speak English as their first language. It's common that you may not understand these languages at all, let alone replying to their messages in those languages.

buyer question

Click Translated to see what the meaning of this question.

reply to customer

The result came out instantly, but nobody knows whether the translation is accurate. Copying the buyer's question into Google Translate to see.

email translation

After comparison, it can be verified that their results are almost identical, and the AI translation is accurate.
You can simply choose AI Reply Generator, and it will produce language that the buyer can understand and with English translation for you to understand what the part means.

customer email

This feature is incredibly advantageous for sellers who speak different languages to respond to customers successfully.

What are the benefits of using AI?

● Recognize the customers' feelings accurately, offering proper sulutions to resolve those queries.
● Offer 24/7 online service to help you in giving your customers instant answers whenever they need them.
● Automate generating your responses which exceeds your customers’ expectations to keep your customers happy.
● Understand different language successfully and generate a response based on customers' languages.
● Handle large amounts of customers' questions large amounts quickly and effortlessly to improve customer service.
● Speak every language and works for all types of reviews.


Tool4seller's AI Generator A Reply & AI Reply Optimization are AI-powered chatbots that are similar to ChatGPT, using machine learning to answer queries put forward by customers. They can correct errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation, write responses in well-formed emails anytime, and answer to all types of queries in every language. They can indeed help save on costs and alleviate the workload that sellers should have spent on customer support while still holding a great impression on customers. If you also sell products in other platforms like Ebay, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Constant Contact, etc., you can also use these featues. Sign up for tool4seller to get 14-day free trial!


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