Why is Tool4seller's Sales Data Different from Amazon's?


If you're using Tool4seller, it's likely that you have noticed the difference in sales data between Tool4seller and Amazon.

That has been bothering our users for a long time and we got that kind of question from our users all the time. 

 "What exactly is the difference between Tool4seller's sales and Amazon's? Why are they different?"

If you're also confused about it, read this article to understand it better.

Where is Tool4seller's data from?

Tool4seller gets all sales data and Amazon fees (referral fees, FBA fees, advertising, etc.) from Amazon API. (Source: Amazon Seller Central -Reports -Fulfillment - Sales - All Orders)

Amazon Reports
Amazon All Orders

How does Tool4seller estimate the data?

Tool4seller updates the data every 10 minutes.

Transaction details are not given once an order is placed. Some orders are still pending which means Amazon has put a product on hold.

When an order is in pending status, there's no detailed information on the order page. Tool4seller will estimate the revenue, costs, and profits of the pending orders. That's why Tool4seller's data differs from Amazon's to some extent.

So how does Tool4seller estimate the data?

Click "Details" of a pending order. Tool4seller will estimate based on the latest completed order on Amazon. The estimated data contains sales, Amazon referral fees, FBA fees, and more.

order analysis

Sellers can decide whether they need estimated data or not. You can set up in "Order Cost Estimate Setting". You can choose to estimate the shipping fees/promotion fees of pending orders and orders that have not been received by Japanese and Australian buyers.

tool4seller sales analytics

If you just listed the product and it hasn't made a sale yet, it may not be able to estimate the income and cost data. Once Amazon updates transaction details, Tool4seller will automatically correct the data.

If you've changed the product price of the pending order, Tool4seller will estimate the data based on the latest completed order on Amazon. After the pending order is completed, the data will be automatically adjusted to the accurate figures.

That's why Tool4seller's sales data is different from Amazon's.


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