Must-have Tips of Amazon Sellers: Use Killer Email Marketing to Improve Sales【Part I】

00-1 Must-have Tips of Amazon Sellers: Use Killer Email Marketing to Improve Sales【Part I】

A successful Amazon seller will know how to effectively direct traffic to your Amazon product detail pages and get the deals done.
Yet, this will not happen easily if customers know nothing about your brand and products because of poor marketing.
Besides efforts you drive external traffic, there are much more you need to pay attention to on email marketing.

It’s Important to Use Email Marketing

Email can help to build a rapport with your potential customers in the fastest way and get more attentions to your store. The traffic it directs will then contribute to a sales improvement.
Let alone more positive feedbacks and 5-star reviews from the buyers with a proper email marketing strategy which may eventually buy you more regulars in the future.

555 Must-have Tips of Amazon Sellers: Use Killer Email Marketing to Improve Sales【Part I】

However, when it comes to email, we need to stick to Amazon’s “less is more” approach. Too many emails will arouse a counter-productive impact when clients are bothered and confused.

So, How to Make a Successful Email Marketing Strategy?

Implement Promotion Planning.

You need to keep in mind your core competitiveness drawing the potential buyers and convince prospects to act.

That is, what consumers need but not have yet in their lives and what your products bring them in supplement. Make sure of this and act accordingly.
Once the strategy is done, ensure that you set up appropriate times to send this set of emails, including a promotion reminder, a promotion starter, a discount offer or follow-up reminder to put an urgent calling for customers. All these shall be designed and planned ever since the launch of product.

You can refer to the following guideline for an integrated sample process in Part II.

Amazon newcomers must know! Should I Sell On Amazon in 2019?

0-1 Amazon newcomers must know! Should I Sell On Amazon in 2019?

Does Amazon still have a chance for new sellers?

Each e-commerce platform has its own characteristics, Amazon is no exception. Compared with Ebay, AliExpress, Shopee, Lazada and other similar platforms, Amazon is still the best e-commerce platform,and there is still a chance of success for newcomers who want to become Amazon seller in 2019.

First, Amazon boasts strong brand power and huge traffic.

In 2018, Amazon ranked first in the world’s top 500 brands, surpassing Apple. Even though it is true that Amazon’s traffic has become more expensive due to the influx of new sellers in the past two years, Amazon’s traffic is still the largest, which is beyond doubt. 

Second, target high-end consumers.

The United States is the most important site of amazon and the site with the largest number of users, its customer group is mainly the middle class in the United States.
This part of consumer group is high quality and has considerable consumption power. The situation of other Amazon sites around the world is basically similar.

Third, unique FBA.

This is one of the biggest competitive advantages of amazon. It has no rivals among cross-border e-commerce platforms. FBA ensures a better shopping experience, which is also the key factor for amazon’s rapid rise.

FBA ensures a better shopping experience, which is also the key factor for amazon’s rapid rise.

In short, Amazon is the best e-commerce platform today, and starters still have the opportunity to become the top sellers!

How to Protect Your Closed Listing on Amazon from Hijackers(2019)

There are Amazon sellers who find that someone is hijacking their closed listing of discontinued products. They are afraid that this will have negative impact on their brand, yet have no clue to deal with it properly. Let’s take a close look into this topic today.

1. Why discontinued product can get its listing hijacked?

According to the user agreement between sellers and Amazon, all product listings posted by sellers are belong to Amazon. 

Whether delete it or not, the product you remove will leave its listing history in Amazon’s system. As long as another seller worked out your ASIN, they could hijack your listing to sell the same product.

2. Impact of having your discontinued product listing hijacked

First of all, you brand will be impaired if the hijacking seller are selling counterfeit, poor-quality goods, or with deceptive selling behaviors.

Besides, it will draw a lot of attentions from your competitors to your successful products. The products you are selling currently will also be investigated and hijacked maybe, boosting the competitive pressure for goods of the same kind.

2-2 How to Protect Your Closed Listing on Amazon from Hijackers(2019)

3. Precautions sellers can take to prevent hijacking 

To prevent the negative impact of listing hijacking, the seller can make a few adjustments to product listing before suspending it, such as replace or delete product pictures or alter the descriptions.

This will not only lower the possibility of hijacking but also prevent from much worse influence of your brand and future business.

There are also other actions you can take. You can warn the seller directly with email, and turn to some agencies for help with removing the post. Or, you can file a complaint with Amazon and get to edit the listing of discontinued products again so the hijacker can’t offer the right product to buyers.

How to download the Amazon monthly report?

Sellers who have ever paid VAT should know that when they or their agent apply for tax, they need to download an Amazon monthly report from the sellercentral and submit it to the local tax bureau, which is also one of the evidences for the tax bureau to determine how much tax your store needs to pay. 6 How to download the Amazon monthly report?  
However, sellers in Amazon North America station may not use this business report under normal circumstances, because the Tax here is generally displayed as 0, so some new sellers may not know this data.
But is this report useless? If you don’t analyze the data, it is a bunch of numbers. If you study it carefully and find out the problems and laws, it may be your important asset.

Now, I’m going to show you how to download this report from the backstage.

Step 1: Click [Payments] under [Reports] 1-1-1024x117 How to download the Amazon monthly report?  
Step 2:Click [Date Range Reports] 2-1 How to download the Amazon monthly report?  
Step 3:Click [Generate Reports] 3 How to download the Amazon monthly report? Step 4:Choose [Summary],then select the corresponding [Month] 4-1 How to download the Amazon monthly report?  
Step 5:After generation,Click [Download] download-1024x556 How to download the Amazon monthly report?  

How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

Every Amazon seller knows very well how important a positive review is to sales.

So some sellers try to manipulate reviews to avoid negative reviews. And Amazon is also strictly cracking down on this behavior, so it is best for everyone not to do this.

00 How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?


The impact of fake reviews on sellers in Amazon.

Many sellers think that fake reviews are just fake negative reviews. Actually, fake reviews include negative reviews and good reviews. As long as it is not the evaluation of real shoppers, it is a fake review.


How fake reviews affect the sellers:


1. Fake good reviews – positive reviews

Fake positive reviews provide misleading information about a specific product listing.

The purpose of this comments is to guide potential buyers to purchase their products. Once the buyer gets the unqualified product based on this positive comments, he will lose confidence in the product.

But if you are smart enough, you can identify such reviews.

They have the following characteristics:

(1) The review is too short. Conversely, real reviews usually provide a few comments about the product.

(2) Use positive emotional language (such as Amazing, Great or something like that). Although positive emotional language can also be used for real comments, it often appears in fake positive comments (fake good reviews).

(3) You can check any previous reviews of the reviewer. It would be suspicious if his first review was made in 2012, his second review was 2018 or the comments he made are all five-star reviews or the contents are roughly the same.

(4) The reviewer made a large number of comments in a relatively short period of time, which may be fraudulent.


2. Fake bad reviews – negative reviews

Unlike fake good reviews, fake bad reviews have only one purpose, destroying the reputation of other sellers’ products. This is very common if both parties sell the same items or some similar items.

The process of identifying fake negative reviews is very similar to that of fake positive reviews. The only difference is that the emotional language used in this case is negative. In many cases, these comments sound a bit exaggerated, which may be a strong signal that they might be faked.

Another way to determine the authenticity of a review is to identify the buyer. Fake reviews are made by Non-Verified Purchase buyers.

This means they didn’t have the right to review on products they didn’t buy.

VP How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

Buyers with the Verified Purchase

noVP How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

Buyers without the Verified Purchase


How to report fake reviews on amazon.

Screenshot of  Report abuse:

report How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

report-abuse How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

1-1024x539 How should the seller report violation to Amazon about malicious reviews?

Or write a complaint directly to:

(you must use the registered email address when you register your account)

Make the following points clear when sending emails:

1. Your store information (store name, registered email address).

2. Review link and corresponding Asin.

3. State your reason for deleting the review.


The first thing you have to do is to prove that the review is actually fake. Find the review first and get the necessary screenshots. These screenshots should be used to help you highlight your statement. When presented to Amazon, they will serve as evidence.

After getting enough screenshots, the next step is to write a summary about the screenshots. Try to include only important details and point out statements.


What happens after you report violations?

All you have to do is wait patiently for Amazon to take action.

Amazon won’t reply to your email. At most, it replies that it has received your email. Amazon won’t tell you what the outcome is. In general, Amazon will take action within 7-30 days. If the bad review has not been deleted within one month, it is estimated that the evidence provided is insufficient, or the evidence is retained. (Once Amazon receives more complaint about the reviewers, you will have a chance to delete the reviews later).

Amazon has recently taken any case involving fake reviews as one of its top priorities. This means that it is easy for sellers to complain about such cases in the future, so everyone should have confidence in themselves!

How Amazon sellers do short-form videos marketing?

Short-form videos have become the talk of content marketing over the past few years, but what exactly defines a short video? A short video is anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long, although six-second micro-videos have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

2 How Amazon sellers do short-form videos marketing?

What can a short video show? It can show product production process; demonstrate product operation process, performance test and compare the advantages and disadvantages of different products; display product application scenarios etc..
Short videos can also be used to showcase many aspects of the product, such as telling the brand story of the product, reflect the emotions contained in the product, etc. and sellers can create various short videos based on their own needs and creativity.

With Instagram finally offering a complete In-App shopping experience,Amazon is also preparing to insert video ads into the Amazon app. If Amazon succeeds, short-form video ads could be the next opportunity for sellers to chase!


How should an Amazon seller do short-from video marketing? How to make short videos popular with customers?


1, Content and performance should be consistent with the products and the brand: the content of short videos should match characteristics of the product and conform to brand connotation of the product.

2.,According to study,53 percent of videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion.So if you want people to watch your videos, shorter is better.

3,Person are the key of the video, but the person who appear should be carefully selected: the short video is used to showcase operation process of the product, performance test and certain features, so, person should appear in the video as much as possible, because the viewer himself is a person. The interaction between characters and products appears in the video brings customers closer to the product and is more persuasive.

4, Localized dubbing: dubbing in the short video, if possible, it is better to use the voice of the characters in the video. Of course, additional dubbing is also available, but the dubbing shall be in the official language of the target market.

5,In particular, short video marketing on social media requires persistence and thereby to be gradually noticed and spread by consumers.

6,Actively interact with customers and reply to the comments.

4 How Amazon sellers do short-form videos marketing?

In addition, regular data analysis, including the peak period of short video on demand, is necessary: which types of video are more popular, how customers evaluate short videos, etc., optimize short video according to the analysis results and thereby improve effect of the short video marketing.

In the era of short video, the short video marketing is a very effective marketing method that businesses can use. I hope that the short video usage methods and skills shared above will be helpful to you and give you a good marketing effect.

The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part II】

5-6 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part II】

4. I have created campaign, but I can’t get any orders. What is the reason?

The general result of advertising is to increase sales that are independent from natural traffic, but if your Listing has made in-station ad and still can’t get orders, you should consider the following factors:

(1) If  ad clicks are rarely, in this case, you should not be anxious even if no orders is generated, enough large data is foundation of the order, therefore, either observe it patiently or improve advertising bidding to increase AD clicks and then wait;.

(2) The listing optimization does not grasp the key points, or the Listing is not recognized by the system, the system cannot accurately determine or cannot match the appropriate display location. In this case, the advertising effect is inevitably poor. At this point, the work need to do includes optimizing Listing category selection, keywords in the title, the main images and other contents;

(3) High Listing price, small number of reviews, poor star rating: We should learn the thinking of horizontal comparison in the operation. We should compare our own listing with that of the competing peers. On the basis of the excellent performance of Listing, only when the product price is competitive and the product Review is good enough can the conversion rate of advertising be higher.

5. How to optimize the ads during the advertising process?

Only when the ad is optimized during the advertising operation, the effect of the ad may become better and better. The optimization based on the analysis of the data in the advertising process includes three aspects:

8-4-1024x450 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part II】

(1) Use advertising data to adjust your AD bids and budgets: Adjust around the four core variables of exposure, clicks, orders volume and ACOS.

The seller needs to optimize exposure, so that the advertising ACOS value can return to the reasonable range as far as possible.

(2) Keyword screening and new advertising plan building based on the advertising data report: In the process of advertising operation, the seller shall, through the analysis of advertising data, summarize the “three high” keywords (high exposure, high clicks and high conversion rate), and add them into your manual advertising plan, or separately create a new advertising plan, so as to maximize the advertising effect of these keywords.

(3) It is very necessary to add keywords in the later Amazon ad optimisation to increase exposure and reducing spend;

6. How to prevent malicious clicks during advertising operations?

If the system detects a large number of malicious clicks, the platform will return the costs incurred by these clicks to the seller. However, there will be some clicks that cannot be detected by the system, the most typical of which is the non-malicious clicks that cannot bring conversion when the competitors make market research and analysis. How to prevent such clicks? The most effective way is to use tool4seller Ad Scheduling feature.

The system will automatically synchronize all advertising activities except the archived ads.Amazon seller can set the start-end time for the ad group at a time when the competition is high or low, and maximize the return of the advertisement under a limited budget.

9-2-1024x421 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part II】
After this feature takes effect, ‘Amazon sellers no longer need to log into seller central to adjust ads campaign . The tool4seller system will automatically run and pause advertisements during the pre-set start-end time until you delete the daily start-end time plan for the campaign.

The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part I】

1-13 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part I】

Amazon advertisement campaigns, whether or not they are created, have almost instant effect on orders. A Listing that does not perform badly will inevitably increase the number of orders if it advertises. If the ads that was created for a Listing is stopped for any reason, the total number of orders will also decline significantly. Although the results of advertising are obvious to all, the effect is different and varies greatly depending on the different ad optimisation of different sellers.

Here are a few of the questions frequently asked by sellers. Let’s review our understanding and knowledge of ads.


1. How to advertise low-priced products?

Under the currently fierce competition on the Amazon platform, the bidding price of advertising has generally increased, and the profit of low-priced products is very thin. From the perspective of input-output ratio, it is not suitable for advertising.

However, the purpose of advertising is not only for profit,but to obtain more orders and push up the Listing rankings faster, it is necessary to advertise on Amazon.

2-13-1024x541 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part I】

Therefore, we should adhere to two concepts in advertising for low-priced products:

(1) If you only want to obtain orders and increase the ranking of the listing, you can spend more in advertising. In this case, you can only pay attention to the Ad sales and conversion;

(2) As the ranking of listings goes up, natural traffic is limited, and when the BSR ranking of Listing has not reached its desired ranking, you can also create the campaign. However, at this time, ads should not be excessive.

2. What is the ideal ACOS during advertising process?

Many people always expect the ACOS to be as low as possible, but obviously, it is just an illusion.

From the perspective of actual operation, ACOS has several reference values:

(1) ACOS is less than the gross profit margin of the product: in this case, the ad is bound to make money;

(2) ACOS is equal to the gross profit margin of the product:  you may notice from the data comparison before and after the advertising that, the ads actually bring some orders, while the number of orders generated by natural traffic has also increased, this is the positive effect of ads. Therefore, if your ACOS  is exactly equal to the gross profit margin, then in my opinion, this advertisement is also worth continuing to invest;

3-13-1024x579 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part I】


(3) The ACOS is higher than the gross profit margin: it is necessary to pause or stop the ads, and find reasons from the perspectives of Listing optimization and market analysis. Perhaps the product is not good enough, maybe the market is not suitable, in a word, only to find out the real reason, can we formulate a targeted response strategy.


3. What kind of products are necessary to advertise?

4-8-1024x463 The ad campaign is underperforming? Maybe because your advertising strategy is wrong!【Part I】

Advertising is part of the overall operational strategy. Not all products should be advertised, nor are all products worthy of advertising. In terms of product selection for advertising, we should adhere to the following points:

(1) If the asin price is too low, it should be cautious to advertise;

(2) Advertising should be concentrated, put the advertising budget on the products you are focusing on;

(3) If there are multiple products in the same series, it is necessary to select the SKU that best suits the public’s aesthetics. If there is more than one child asin in a variant Listing, you should also select the child asin that best fits the public’s aesthetics.

(4) Suspend advertising for the Listing with low long-term conversion and the listing that fails to reach the expected level after different Amazon ad optimisations. If the cause of the loss is not determined, it is also a worthwhile operation method to think about.

Illustrate the pros and cons of Amazon’s VINE VOICES program

While browsing competitors’ reviews, many sellers will find some Vine voice signs next to the reviews.

1-12 Illustrate the pros and cons of Amazon's VINE VOICES program

So,what’s Amazon Vine Voice?

Amazon has issued new regulations on reviews. It is not allowed to send discounted or free products to reviewer to third-party organizations (such as Facebook group review, major review websites, etc.) in exchange for reviews. Amazon Vine Voice project team is the only legal group to make discount codes or Free & Deals.

Amazon offers Vine members free products provided by the participating sellers.

Vine reviews are offered independently by Vine Voices and cannot be influenced, modified or edited by the seller. Amazon will not modify or edit Vine reviews as long as they’re in line with the Posting policy.

Vine Voices’ review has a higher weight than the normal reviews, and each review is marked with the green text “Vine Customer review of Free Product”.


What are the benefits of Vine Customer Review:

1. “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” mark permanently left on the Product page! And Amazon will not intervene.

2. Because Vine Customer represents credible and professional Reviewer, such a review is more credible and more convincing, and it is more helpful for product conversion rate.

3. Vine Customer Review has the highest weight in Amazon Review. High-quality Vine Review can help you quickly establish product credibility and brand reputation.


What are the disadvantages of Vine Customer Review:

1,Because it is the official evaluation of Amazon, so it is not necessarily the positive review, the product with poor quality is not recommended.

2,Vine products need to be shipped to the warehouse designated by Amazon, the entire evaluation cycle is relatively long, which is estimated to be about one month.


How does Vince Program work?

Amazon periodically emails Reviewer every month to provide comments for them to write reviews, and Reviewer who is selected to join the Vine Program can apply to Amazon for the commodities they are interested in writing comments on, including books, electronic goods, electrical products and even food, according to the list listed in the electronic newspaper sent by Amazon.

Reviewer can apply for two items at a time, and they must write a comment within 30 days after receiving the items, otherwise they will be disqualified from Vine voice buyer and cannot submit any application to Amazon until the review is completed. That means you must provide a review after you getting an items in the program, this was different from the early Reviewer program, which did not mandate the reviewer to write a review.


How does the seller join Vine Program?

The seller will regularly receive the invitation from Amazon Vine Program, but he will be charged a certain fee every time when he puts ASIN on the shelves, what’s more, the number of ASIN participating in Vine Customer Review is limited every time.

In the past, the Vine program was only available for VC users. The third-party sellers must apply to join the VC before they can join the Vine program.

Sellers who don’t have a VC account or haven’t received an invitation from Amazon need get help from a service provider to apply for Vine program.

Amazon Review still has a significant weight in the listing. Some sellers with long-term perspectives have confidence in their products, and are willing to spend money to obtain these safe, high-quality reviews. This choice has made their products stand out, so it is recommended that sellers with redundant funds should consider the way to securely obtain Review in the face of high risk of manipulating reviews.

3-12 Illustrate the pros and cons of Amazon's VINE VOICES program


Conditions for release:

Product listing unlimited reviews

Products must have an UPC code

USA (non-apparel category), Europe (no category restrictions)



Currently Vine voice review is available for Amazon websites of USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

The products will be placed in the Vine voice community after arriving at the FBA warehouse. Vine buyers can select the free products according to their needs, and leave comments within 3-30 days after receiving the products. According to the agreement with amazon, Vine buyers must leave comments within 30 days after receiving the products, otherwise the vine voice buyer will be disqualified.


Vine review‘s QA

Q: In which websites is Vine review available?
A:USA,UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada.
Q: How many reviews can Vine review leave?
A: 1 to 30 reviews, 35-50 shipments, 35 reviews at most.
Q: What products are not suitable for vine review?

United States:
(1) Power supply
(2) Apparel Products
(3) Products subject to restricted comment
(4) The products do not have UPC, only GCID

Europe: There are no restrictions, not even the listing hijacking.
Q: how to operate without UPC uploaded?
A: Create a new variant product, upload it with UPC code and operate this new variant product. After getting reviews, merge them together.

Q: When will reviews appears? Is there necessarily 30 reviews?
A: After arriving at the FBA warehouse, the products will be placed in the Vine Voice community. Vine buyers can select and get free products according to their own needs. The Vine buyers need to leave reviews within 3 to 30 days after receiving the products based on the agreement with Amazon.
Q: Are all these reviews positive?
A: This is the official evaluation, we can’t control preference of the reviews, it depends on the product quality!

2-12 Illustrate the pros and cons of Amazon's VINE VOICES program

The peak season is coming, Vine review can help new products to get dozens of reviews rapidly, and analyze the market preference of this product according to the product market research and competitiveness, so as to help the sellers to quickly select products with real core competitiveness. However, sellers who are temporarily unable to join the Vine Program shouldn’t worry, either. It is not necessary to take the risk of “Brush” to increase Review.

Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

0 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Everyone who operates store in Amazon will encounter a variety of problems, even some difficult problems, and often in midnight.

This is when we need to open a Case to communicate and solve the problem, because everything else (except operation method) should be subject to Amazon who has the final interpretation right.

The following problems can be solved by opening a Case:


1. Listing is changed by VC account

For example, the picture is changed, the title is changed, or something like that. Generally, you can open a Case at midnight to contact customer service to solve this kind of troublesome situation, and leave your phone number for Amazon to call over, and then ask the customer service to transfer the call to the Vendor central team.

Note that ordinary customer service cannot solve problems with VC accounts. Only the Vendor central team has this right. You can make a few more calls until the problem is solved and then close the case.


2. Tax issues

For example, questions about various recently updated policies, tax payment issues, etc.

Amazon will definitely give its customer service staff a little training before releasing the contents and notify them of the changes. Therefore, it is recommended to open a case and ask the customer service for advice instead of asking others.

666 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?


3. Abnormal condition of the system

For example, the situation when advertising fees are abnormally deducted, listing cannot be uploaded, and the front desk cannot browse his own products. Most of these unusual situations are due to failures in the background of the system. If you open a Case, you can ask customer service to help you solve it, contact the customer service to refund your advertising fee abnormally deducted, and ask to customer service refresh the abnormal page caused due to system reasons.


4. Listing crash

When the Amazon page crashes, the original contents of the page will not be available. The cause of your listing page crashing, in addition to the possible Amazon background error, may be that Amazon is checking your listing due to title image infringement or a security issue with your product.

There are many reasons for the crash. The solution is of course to open a case to ask customer service to understand the reason, it is the most important for you to find the targeted solutions to avoid blind and aimless actions.

3-11 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

5. A variety of complaints

No matter you complain others for listing hijacking, infringement and malicious comments to you, or you are complained unreasonably, you can open a Case directly.

It is easy to complain about others, just paste the evidence to explain the seriousness of the matter. If you are complained, you can, in the event that you have enough evidence, continue to complain until you succeed.

If you do violate the rules, you’d better admit your mistake and complain actively. At the same time, you should communicate with the complainant and solve the problem through negotiation. Amazon will inform you of the materials required for the complaint. If you are not sure, you can open a Case to ask customer service at any time.


6. Listing is merged by others

This situation is more direct and more resentful than listing modification. It can be divided into two situations. Merging the listing that abandoned by the others is the commonly used method in the field, but if you merge the links that others are just out of stock currently and still under operation, then that is another matter, it is equal to cutting off the financial path of others, however, such incidents happen frequently around us.

In this case, you must immediately open a Case, call directly, provide evidence, defend your rights, and complain against the malicious seller.


7. Various difficult problems

Sometimes the problems encountered by sellers are really rare in a decade. Instead of wasting time to ask others, it is better to open a Case and ask the customer service. If the customer service does not know, you can change to another customer service until the problem is solved.


Finally, let’s review the method of creating Case:

Step1: click Help in the upper right corner of the seller central;

00 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step2: The interface will pop up after clicking the Help, click Contact Us below;

01-1 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step3: Jump to this screen and click “Selling on Amazon“;

05 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Step4: Choose the issues that suits you according to your own problem;


Step5: There are two options after selecting a path;

① E-mail: You can communicate with customer service via e-mail, but the customer service will reply after at least 2-3 hours, and it will take time to communicate. If it is a small problem that is easier to solve, you can choose this method.

08-1 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?


② Telephone: Fast, direct telephone communication, it is generally recommended.

07-1024x726 Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

In general, most of the problems can be solved by creating Case, and those that cannot be solved are generally problems of operation direction.