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How to Use:
1. Before searching, please select the Amazon marketplace you're interested in.
2. Please enter a seed keyword based on the language of the relevant marketplace. This seed keyword can be the original name of a product, such as dress, charger, or customer groups, usage scenarios, and so on.
3. Click on the search button and tool4seller will start pulling the customers search queries recommended by Amazon. You'll get hundreds of related long-tail keywords in seconds. At the same time, we also provide Amazon keyword search volumn to help you determine the popularity of keywords. You can use them to optimize your product keywords.
Q: Is the keyword data provided by tool4seller reliable?
A: The data of Amazon keywords research provided by tool4seller is derived from Amazon's search recommendation. All the data is authentic and reliable since it is predicted and recommended by Amazon's sophisticated algorithms and models. Tool4seller uses the seed keyword you specified and places it in the Amazon search box. Amazon will give relevant predictions and expand keywords, and tool4seller will extract all the suggested keywords generated by Amazon and present in a direct and simple way. Then, tool4seller will put the recommended keywords one by one into the search box to generate long-tail keywords.
Q: How does tool4seller obtain the search volume data?
A: The data of keyword search volumn is from the search term report of Amazon. Tool4seller updates the data every month and the results which you search for are from recent month. If you would like to get more search volumn data, please use "Keyword Search Volumn" in the ASIN detector.
Q: How to screen out useful keywords from a large number of keywords ?
A: Tool4seller's Amazon keywords tool gives priority to the top words recommended by Amazon. Generally speaking, Amazon tends to put more relevant and popular keywords in the front place. You can filter out the keywords you want through a combination of Amazon's recommended ranking orders and search volumn data.
Q: How to use Amazon keywords after filtering?
A:1. Extract keywords that are directly related to your products, such as customer groups, selling points, product materials, sizes, etc., and add them to your product title.
2. Try to integrate words that are more relevant to your product into the selling points and descriptions.
3. Add keywords that are less related to your product, or that are not mentioned in the title, selling points, and descriptions, to the Search Term.

After completing the above steps, it is recommended that you use tool4seller's "Keyword Index" function to check if the keywords you input have been indexed by Amazon. You have access to this feature under the "Listing Quality Score" in ASIN Detector. In addition, you need to add keywords tracking in time to monitor the search ranking of your products under the keywords, and adjust the selection and optimization strategy of keywords according to the results.
Q: Which marketplaces does tool4seller keywords tool support?
A: We support marketplaces of US and CA.

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