6 ways to quickly get five-star reviews on Amazon

From the perspective of the store:

In the Amazon platform, the importance of comments is obvious. A good feedback rating and sufficient feedback quantity represent the honor of the store, which is easier to gain the trust of customers and ensure the quality of customers. Moreover, it has a WOM effect.

From the perspective of buyers:

Most buyers will check the reviews before buying the products, compare the buyer’s reputation of similar products, therefore, true and effective reputation and a large number of 5-star reviews can make hesitant buyers determined to buy.

The dream is beautiful, but the reality is cruel:

It is not easy to get five-star reviews. So how do you get a five-star rating? Supreme conventional service, premium packaging, timely logistics delivery are not much to say, here I will sort out several ways that can bring five-star reviews.

I. Pre-sales evaluation

As a seller, it is more important to pay attention to how your Listing is efficiently converted to sales under huge traffic and exposure. The core of the conversion is: Product Review.
For this reason, it is generally recommended that you should conduct advertising and promotion after the number of listings page reviews reaches 15 and the star rating is above 4.8. And that’s what we call pre-sales evaluation.

Option 1: Free & Deals

The so-called Free & Deals means that the sellers find some real buyers who are willing to leave comments for you in the social platform, such as Facebook group, and they buy the product and you pay the full cost. This approach is relatively safe for promoting the BSR of Listing itself, but also be careful.

Option 2: Use discount codes for low price discounts and get reviews

Use discounts to promote consumption. But since 2018, Amazon began to warn against off-site promotions that offer discounts of more than 70% off, so sellers who take advantage of this method should be more careful.

Option 3: Non-verified purchase review

The so-called Non-Verified Purchase Review is to leave a review without purchasing the product. This is the most frequently used method in 2017. Although it can be used a little recently, it is relatively narrow in usability because the NVPR cannot affect the review star rating and the risk is much higher.

II. After-sale evaluation

But more sellers prefer the after-sales evaluation to find real buyers, of course, they need real credit cards, real address, real buying habits, and they also need to be willing to cooperate with you to leave a real review. However, there’s only one place to find it, which is the order in seller’s Amazon backstage!

Option 1: Request Review Emails can improve review rate

Two data obtained from the survey on the BrightLocal website:

◆ 91% of consumers will read online customer reviews.

◆ 84% of people trust the online product reviews, the rate of which is comparable to acquaintance recommendation.

Therefore, it is the most common practice for sellers to send emails and add some tricks in to the emails. For example:

1. Product use tips, maintenance precautions, and other “Additional value”;

2. Arouse customers’ reply through open questions;

3. Add a link to the product review page directly in the email, which will allow consumers to find the comment place faster.

Option 2: Little surprise

Unexpected surprises are also one way to help sellers get good reviews. Sellers can place some lovely and beautiful CARDS directly in the package of products. The cost of a card is not very big, but the customers will get very comfortable experience. You can also give some small gifts along with the products. These small gifts can encourage buyers to leave a five-star review.

Option 3: Objective reviews left by Professional reviewers

Sellers can also find professional reviewers to leave an objective review. The positive reviews displayed on the product description page can not only promote the transaction, but also guide the customer’s herd psychology subconsciously to leave similar positive reviews.

At the same time, comments of the professional reviewers are very valuable for reference and also very instructive, because they have their own blogs and have a lot of fans, these fans can also be of great help to traffic to the store and increase in sales when they see the products recommended by the professional reviewers.


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