Must-have Tips of Amazon Sellers: Use Killer Email Marketing to Improve Sales【Part II】


As mentioned earlier, once the strategy is done, ensure that you set up appropriate times to send this set of emails.

Promotion reminder – interest prospect and highlight benefits of the product.

Promotion starter – remind customers that the promotion is going off and lead them to buy.

Follow-up reminder – keep engage customers about the promotion and show pity for missing the ever-again discount offer.

What is a Good Email Template?

After deciding a whole process of email marketing, you may start to wondering about writing emails that are good enough to attract more clicks.

It is estimated that 281 billion emails are being sent to 3.7 billion email boxes every day. How to ensure that yours is the chosen one?

Tool4seller suggests:

1. Put the Most Important in the Top. Top lines are what customers read in the first few seconds. They will get the general idea from these lines without opening the whole email.

2. Get Rid of the Complex. Flash animation clips and long texts may get broken or present in vain when customers are using mobile devices to read emails.

3. Apply a Contrast Color Schemes. Too much colors will only prevent your customers from getting straight information they want.

Track User Data

The key to perform successful marketing strategy is to track user data effectively. Apply tool4seller, getting accurate and complete user data will do a great help for you when deciding the strategy.

Tool4seller offers data tracking services for all kinds of information you need, including customers purchasing history, sales, order number, per ticket sales, order history and so on.

In conclusion, Amazon sellers really need to focus on all above points in order to improve their sales. If you are interested in tool4seller mentioned above, feel free to contact with our customer service to get a 14-days free trial!


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