Helium 10 VS Tool4seller: Which chrome extension is better?

Helium10 Vs Tool4seller

If you are selling on Amazon, having the right tool can help you grow your business and succeed in this competitive market.

What is Tool4seller?

Tool4seller is a chrome extension and suite of 40+ web-based tools that help Amazon sellers to succeed. It can help sellers of any size make data-driven decisions and build profitable businesses. Dive into product research, keyword research, inventory management, sourcing, and more with our industry-leading seller features.


Both helium 10 and tool4seller provide a toolbar to display product information, including ASIN, brand, seller count, review & ratings, BSR, dimensions, weight, and estimated monthly sales.

It's good to use helium 10 if you want to analyze your listing score or decide which marketplace you want to sell this product.

helium 10 VS tool4seller

If you use tool4seller, click "View More" button, you can see search terms your competitors are using. You can leverage your competitors' search terms to improve your product's visibility. You can also click the logo of Alibaba, ebay and Walmart to find the similar products on these platforms.

Keyword Research

Helium 10 provides a Cerebro IQ score to help you choose the keyword. A high score means a relatively high number of searches compared to the number of competitors, and a low score means the opposite.

It also provides keyword sales but you have to upgrade to a Diamond Plan for access.

helium 10 xray keywords

While tool4seller provides detailed organic rank and sponsored product rank to let you know which position the keyword ranks in. You can see the match type. If the keyword displays in organic search, sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, sponsored brand video ads, Amazon's Choice, Editorial Recommendation or highly rated section. You can use the PPC bid as a reference to know how much it will cost if you want to get the ad placement.

tool4seller keyword research

Profit Calculator

Both helium 10 and tool4seller provide profit calculation tools. You don't need to fill in the price, dimensions, and weight as they do it automatically for you. You can switch between FBA and FBM fulfillment to know which provides a higher profit margin.

helium10 profit calculator
tool4seller profit calculator

Review Analysis

You can use both helium 10 and tool4seller to analyze customer reviews. Both of them provide reviews & rating overviews, top phrases, most helpful positive & negative reviews, variation analytics, and Q&A analysis.

While helium 10 only shows the review count, review share, and rating of each variation, tool4seller provides a detailed variation analysis.

You can see how the review changes over time. Select "All time", "Recently 12 months", "Recently 90 days" and "Recently 30 days" to know which variation sells during a specific time range. When the reviews keep decreasing, you may consider improving your product lifecycle is about to end and adjust your strategies.

helium 10 review analysis
tool4seller review analysis


Tool4seller is a good alternative to Helium 10, but it provides more detailed organic&sponsored rank and review analysis. Download from chrome store and sign up a free account to help you succeed on Amazon!


About Tool4seller

A best-in-class Amazon seller tool that is specialized in sales& profits analytics, PPC optimization, keyword research, competitor tracking, instant alerts for listing hijacking, price changing, and inventory updates, etc.