What’s the Safest Way to request a Review from your customers?

Product reviews play a vital role in purchase decisions.Product reviews do matter, specially when you are just starting.


If there are no reviews on a listing, it will be a drop in your conversion rates.


But in fact, consumers on Amazon don’t have the habit of leaving reviews. According to statistics, sellers can only get one real review out of every 130 orders. Some sellers felt quite depressed and asked, “Why haven’t I received a review even I sold 2,700 items on Amazon?”


It is also the fact that brushing and fake reviews will eventually be blocked by Amazon.


In this case, how to get more reviews for your products in a secure way?


Here are our tips:


1,Join the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. If lucky enough, you will get 5 reviews quickly and break the dilemma that there aren’t any reviews on the listing;


2,Expressing gratitude to the customers that left you 5-star feedback;


Consider setting up an automated email series as a part of your post-purchase customer satisfaction campaign that concludes with an email requesting a review of your product.



For example, directly after a purchase is made your customers receives a thank-you email and they receive an email asking for an honest review of their purchase.This way you’re continuing to deliver an excellent customer experience after the sale and review process is complete.


This is one of the reasons we use email as one of the key prompts to support customer submissions.


3,If you’re looking for long-term reviews of your products, postcards help you to reach out well after the initial purchase, especially if your customer missed prior attempts to reach them via email. Again, remember to include clear instructions and any information about your incentive or exposure opportunity;


4,Reach a Relevant consumers with a Relevant Influencer.


Now that you have a clear vision of how to request reviews most effectively and safest, it’s time to start testing what works best for your unique customers.
At the same time,the most important thing is still to focus on the product quality.Reviews are just your sales outcomes in the long run.