What should We do after boosting sales on Amazon Prime Day?


Believe it or not, lots of Amazon seller did create a sale explosion with Prime Day.

This traffic skyrocketing will last for almost two week,however,things will return to off season gradually at the end of July.In this case,many sellers decide to start their “vocation mode”.

However your rivals may not own the holiday,they’re certainly ready to ride next sale wave! Therefore,what should we do after Amazon Prime Day?Sellers should make good use of the traffic and expression which is generated by Prime Day to drive more conversion in the future.We are going to share some tips for you:


1.Send your customized email to customers.


Review Request plays an important role in customer care.We should send a request review email for every order durning the Prime Day.The purpose of sending this e-mail is to tell the customer that we are not just caring about sales, we are also providing good after-sales customer service.Of course, some sellers may worry about negative reviews, but they are the only path to optimize listing and gain a better understanding of your products.

If you don’t send the email, you won’t be able to get a positive review!So choose to be positive in it!


2.Restock the SKUs which is out of stock.


Please ensure that stock replenishment is under control.The end of July is the slack season of e-commerce.A larege quantity of replenishment is likely to cause overstocking.


3.Find out the reasons why your customers return their purchases.


Customer returns will inevitably come with sales explosion no matter how good your product quality is.

Click “Fufillment” in the sellercentral, as shown in the figure below:

Then, choose “FBA customer returns”on the left of the page:

Or you can check directly the Return Reason in tool4seller.

In the meantime,Return detail is availabe for sellers.

Product returns are inevitable.


The above three steps can help you figure out the reasons for returns.

It is simple, but many sellers tend to ignore because of the FBA. Such a small negligence may affect the future development.


We hope these tips could help you and boost your sales on Amazon. Do this and you’ll generate more revenue with higher win rates, and you’ll keep your best people.


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