How to Get the Amazon ‘Best Seller’ Badge at a Faster Pace of 2019?


Getting the Amazon Best Seller badge is a big goal that many Amazon sellers hope to achieve. This unique icon not only demonstrates strong profitable skills, but also give your listing a good boost for more exposure and sales.

We had made a comparison on the same listing. If no badge displayed in the listing, the conversion rates and the overall click-through rate (CTR) experienced significant drops, while the spending in ACoS was increased noticeably. It is proven that the Best Seller badge can greatly drive more clicks to your listing and promote conversion rates.

Let’s share the decisive factor in getting the Best Seller badge for your listing, and learn how to improve your chances of getting the badge with some useful tricks.


Some Facts about Amazon Best Sellers

In some sub-categories, there may not even be 100 best sellers because the category is so slender.

We have performed tests on some sub-categories. There are fewer than 100 listings in TOP100 best sellers. However, even being the top spot in category can’t get a Best Seller badge. It is not known whether there are at least 100 listings in TOP100. But only thing we can say for sure is that not all the highest ranking products on the categories can have the Best Seller badge. So, do not choose the category with less volume and less competition.


Selling the greatest number of products within your category: Category rankings on Amazon are not updated in real time but hourly. So, it is less likely to get the Best Seller badge when you just hold the top spot in a category for a while, especially the new arrivals. To keep the ‘best seller’ badge, it is necessary to maintain a consistent high number of sales for a long time.And remember: the badge doesn’t show up in search results,

After analyzing certain criteria for Best Seller badge, let’s take a look at how to get this badge quickly.


Step 1: Choose a right category: Analyze the possible classification categories of a listing, and find a category that is less competitive to create a listing.


Let’s take solar light for example. It can be sorted into categories of both wall light and step light, and even outdoor light, solar light, etc. Then, we take a close look at which best seller rank in a primary category is relatively low. It is easier for us to get a Best Seller badge if we put the listing in such a category.


Step 2: Larger categories can increase higher traffic and accelerate a huge sale, while least-populated categories make it easier to get the Best Seller badge, so is it possible to have both fish and bear’s paw?

After a period of testing, we found that there is a way indeed that can help you achieve a win-win result.


Put a listing in the category with larger volume, and then use root words of small category (usually the category name of the small category) to create certain amount of purchase orders, so as to strengthen the connection between listing and small category.


Step 3:After selecting the appropriate category, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started!


We need to use the most direct way to boost sales, mainly including ads, coupons, and deal sites.


Fully leverage the above tips and tricks to be a Best Seller on Amazon. After obtaining the Best Seller badge, the various data of a listing will be greatly improved over a period of time. After that, we would gradually reduce the dependence on these manipulations and get back to the normal sales.


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