How to Use Amazon Brand Analytics Tools to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns in 2022?


The marketplaceplus report reveals that approximately $600 billion worth of goods were sold on Amazon in the past year 2021. Besides, the total gross merchandise volume (GMV) of Amazon has doubled in the near three years. In the world of eCommerce, Amazon is still the biggest and best platform (almost 45% eCommerce completed on Amazon) that is suitable for anyone to start a side hustle or full-time job to make their first bucket of gold.

Among 9.7 million Amazon sellers, 60,000 sellers have exceeded their $1 million in sales on Amazon, but where is the place for you on the oversaturated Amazon marketplace?

Amazon Brand Analytics tool is the answer to winning a spot on Amazon in 2022.

What is the Amazon Brand Analytics tool?

Briefly speaking, the Amazon Brand analytics is a free tool that contains valuable insights to empower brand owners to understand the marketplace and make strategic decisions for their product portfolio and advertising activities. Since published in 2019, Amazon has constantly updated the Amazon Brand Analytics to help sellers to deepen their engagement with their buyers for better service and more profits.

It now provides six useful features to know your customer behavior:
  1. Amazon Search Terms: Discover what products are winning the most clicks and conversions on strategic search terms. Assess the impact of your marketing campaigns by monitoring trends.
  2. Repeat Purchase Behavior: Discover what products are winning the most clicks and conversions on strategic search terms. Assess the impact of your marketing campaigns by monitoring trends.
  3. Market Basket Analysis: Identify cross-selling and bundling opportunities by gaining insight on products that are being purchased together by your customers.
  4. Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior: Improve your competitive intelligence by gaining insight on products most frequently viewed together with yours in addition to customers' final choice after viewing your product.
  5. Demographics: Connect with your target audience more effectively or identify customization opportunities with customer demographics insights.
  6. Amazon Attribution (Beta): Connect with your target audience more effectively or identify customization opportunities with customer demographics insights.

You can find the Amazon Brand Analytics under the pull-out of Brands on Amazon seller central. ( access it via Seller Central → Brands → Brand Analytics) But the Amazon brand analytics is only open to brand owners currently. If you are not a brand registered seller, you can try and enroll in Amazon’s brand registry program to get access to this on seller central.

How Amazon Brand Analytics tool can benefit your Amazon business?

The following are some of the advantages of using this tool:

1. Compared to third-party tools, it’s entirely free tools to try and save your money.
2. Using Amazon Brand Analytics, you will get deeper insights into your products.
3. It helps you make the right marketing strategies and optimize your PPC campaigns.
4. It aids in identifying your target audiences’ shopping behaviors.
5. It supports Excel download for the widely selected time ranges.

In general, the Amazon Brand Analytics reports are directly from their customer search behavior database which is more accurate and authentic than Helium 10 and Jungle Scout they are only an estimator of the data they scrape from Amazon. If you can't have the eligibility of brand registration or selling by arbitrage, neither the retailer nor brand sellers, you should try the similar features tool that shares the same database - Amazon search term lookup for free as an alternative to other expensive seller tools.

What can you use the Amazon Brand Analytics tool for?

The Amazon Brand analytics tool allows you to do keyword research and search terms. Simply input the ASIN or product name, title, and keyword to figure out what is excellent performance long-tail keywords are that you can use for product research, perfect your product listing, title, A+, and so on.

What’s more, you can use the Amazon Brand Analytics tool to optimize your Amazon advertising. Furthermore, you can use Amazon Brand Analytics to figure out the most successful and correlated competitor of your product. Then, add your competitor and monitor every change of their price, category rank, advertising activities within the competitor tracking tool for free. And replicate your competitor's success by identifying the keywords that they’re converting on most.

The Amazon Brand Analytics tool can offer insightful information that you can use for your own advertising optimization, which includes customer shopping behavior, most popular keywords and search terms, click shares and conversion share of top ASINs and competitor insights, etc.

There are six tips of PPC Campaigns optimization using Amazon Brand Analytics tool:

1. Discover the most popular keywords that your competitor used and use them to target your potential customers, insert them in your product listing, and adapt them to use your PPC campaigns.
2. Target the ASINs with high Conversion Rates (CTR) and low conversion rates. Close those low conversions campaigns of yours and add the keywords of low conversions to avoid invalid advertising spend.
3. Figure out the correlated products of yours and learn their advertising strategies with the market brand analytics.
4. Find out the weaknesses of your competitors and use them to target their customers to win orders. For example, if the majority of shoppers are seeking waterproof earphones and wind up clicking on one of your competitor's listings but do not purchase the goods, you can utilize that same term in your own keyword campaigns if you sell waterproof earphones.
5. Learn your competitive advantage of the top 5 compared products and you can highlight them or their keyword in your product listing to increase visits.
6. Use demographics insights to strategize your marketing campaigns off Amazon and start tailored marketing. For example, most of your buyers are young people and they enjoy beautiful pictures on Instagram or good products recommendations on Tik Tok. Then, those platforms are one of the good advertising ways you can miss.

Go and try the Amazon Brand Analytics tool to boost your sales and perfect your PPC campaigns.


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