How to Get More Reviews on Amazon in 2022


It’s known that reviews are important to a product’s success on Amazon. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get those critical product reviews.

Why product reviews are important
Provide better insights to know the product

Knowing other customers’ shopping experiences helps potential buyers to recognize whether this product is what they need. When a consumer leaves a review for a product, he is helping others to understand what they may expect from the product, what are its pros and cons, and more.


Build trust with the customers

When a customer is browsing your listing to make a purchase, the first thing they do is to check the reviews. If the product has no reviews or only a few reviews, they usually assume that no one is buying the product. Having reviews for a product is a good way to build trust with your customers. Usually, people prefer products with more reviews.


Help sellers to improve the product

If a good number of customers point out that there are some problems with the product, the seller should take it seriously and find a way to rectify the issues with the product. Otherwise, sellers will lose current customers and potential customers.


How to get more reviews
1. Enroll your products in Amazon’s Vine Program

In December 2019, Amazon rolled out the Vine program to all sellers. Sellers with Amazon brand-registered products and fewer than 30 reviews are eligible for Amazon’s Vine Program. It helps newly registered products get reviews fast.


2. Amazon’s “Request a Review” button

With this button, you can manually request reviews once per order between 5 and 30 days after the order delivery date. The use of this feature can incredibly increase your product review rate.


3. Use Tool4seller’s Email Automation

Although Amazon’s “Request a Review” button is a good way to request reviews, it costs too much time especially when there are numerous orders that need to be taken care of. Tool4seller’s Email Automation provides multiple email templates and it allows sellers to create email campaigns to ask for reviews. Sellers can choose the order and buyers they want to send the email and blacklist unhappy buyers with the blacklist to avoid bad reviews. Bulk review requests will save a lot of time for sellers to focus on their sales.

Follow Amazon's rules

It’s important to follow Amazon’s rules when asking for reviews. Amazon can not tolerate any customer reviews violations.
Keep the following don’ts in mind of requesting Amazon product reviews.
Don’t review your own product or trash your competitors.
Don’t incentivize reviews.
Don’t isolate the buyers with positive experiences.
Don’t try and divert sales to an external site.
Don’t ask for a specific kind of review.

Final thoughts

Amazon’s algorithm factors in how many reviews an account has received. Getting more reviews is important to help you succeed on Amazon.


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