Amazon SEO | How do I conduct Amazon keyword research in 2022?


Keyword research means a lot to Amazon SEO. Keywords are one of the most important variables Amazon considers when assessing the relevancy of search queries and, as a consequence, ranking them on its results pages. Before we talk about how to do keyword research, we need to know what's A9 algorithm.

Understanding Amazon's A9 algorithm

Amazon's A9 algorithm is meant to decide the rank of search results on its search engine results pages. Different from Google, Bing and other search engines, A9 algorithm naturally puts emphasis on products sales as Amazon is a business platform. Sales conversions are one of the critical variables that determine high-ranking products, as they are most likely to make them money.

The Amazon A9 algorithm takes many variables into account, including

  • The number of your positive ratings and reviews
  • The ratio of units your product has sold per page visit
  • The relevance of your product based on product title, image, keywords, and description
  • The number of customers that add your product to their shopping cart after searching for a keyword

How to do keyword research?

1. Find your seed keywords

You can do this by thinking about the terms and words your target customers would search for. These words should be precise to describe your products. Imagine that you were the customer browsing your listing, and think about what words or phrases you would search for.

2. See what Amazon suggests

When you have already had a niche in your mind, you can generate a short keyword list. The easiest way is to type keywords into the Amazon search bar and see what Amazon suggests to you and write down all expanded options you see.

3. Leverage your competitors' keywords

Do you know what keywords your competitors are using? Tool4seller has a feature called Reverse ASIN Lookup, and it can help you do that. All you need to do is to enter your competitor's ASIN and it will automatically spit out all the keywords currently ranking for your competitor's product.

4. Know keyword search volume

Keyword search volume reflects the number of actual searches of a keyword. To maximize exposure in the marketplace, Amazon sellers should choose keywords with a high search volume. Tool4seller provides a keyword search volume tool. You can see how a keyword performs over time to decide whether you will use it.

Final thoughts

Amazon keyword research is definitely not a one-time operation. You have to constantly check your keywords to see what position they rank for and if they are indexed. Good keywords will increase your organic search visibility, rankings, and traffic as well as conversions.


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