Win the Buy Box on Amazon with Tool4seller in 2022


By 2022, e-commerce is expected to account for 17% of all retail sales in the United States. Understanding how the Buy Box works helps third-party sellers to be more competitive because of its high impact on conversion rates. Since there is no limit to the number of sellers or the number of items that can be offered on Amazon's marketplaces, the same product is usually sold by many merchants, each fighting for the most sales.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

When a buyer browses an Amazon product listing, they are presented with a lot of important information:
• On the left, they can see the product's images.
• At the center of the listing, the product's title, number of ratings, variants, and bullet point descriptions are displayed here.
• Finally, the Buy Box is on the right. Usually, sellers who owe the Buy Box win the sales.

Why is the Buy Box Important for Amazon Sellers?

More than 83% of Amazon sales came through Amazon Buy Box, which makes Buy Box ownership a priority to third-party sellers. Besides, sellers who owe the Buy Box can create PPC campaigns to promote their products. If you do not own the Buy Box — even if it is on your own listing — you can't create ads for the product.

How to Be Buy Box Eligible?

1. Professional seller account
Only sellers with a professional selling plan are eligible to Buy Box.

2. New items
The seller that wins the Buy Box will usually provide products with new conditions. Only in exceptional instances would sellers who make "Used condition" bids win the Buy Box over sellers who make "New condition" offers.

3. Stock availability
You need to have enough inventory to list your products. The A9 algorithm prefers sellers who have inventory most of the time. Not having enough inventory impacts your Buy Box eligibility as well as the overall rank of your listing. Nobody knows quite how much, though. It's recommended to maintain a sufficient inventory based on your historical sales.

4. Fulfillment method
We have to admit that fulfillment is a highly-valued variable. Amazon's Buy Box algorithm gives FBA sellers an advantage compared with other merchants.

How to Win the Buy Box with Tool4seller?

Sellers usually adjust their prices for the Buy Box ownership. One of the ways to do that is manual repricing. While for sellers who have many listings, it would be a lot of work for them to do so. Finding an effective method to reprice their products become a priority. That's where Tool4seller's rule-based repricing comes in.


You can set multiple rules to reprice your products based on your hijackers' conditions, which will highly increase your chance to beat the hijacker.

Tool4seller also provides hijacker alerts to help you get rid of hijackers. Keep you updated whenever you have a new hijacker so that you can take immediate actions to protect your listings.

Final Thoughts

Buy Box is not the only variable that affects Amazon success while owning the Buy Box does help with your Amazon success. Since price is not the only factor, repricing may not always help you with Buy Box, then you should improve your other metrics. If you have any tips on how to win the Buy Box? We'd like to hear your voice!


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