Good advice for practical operation: 14 basic methods to increase Amazon sales

Whether you are new seller or experienced seller, you may have invested much time and energy in trying to increase Amazon sales. This paper will introduce some basic methods for sales increase, hoping that it will help the seller improve the sales strategy on Amazon and stand out in the competition.


  1. 1.Frequently check the UPC code

When publishing listings of new products on Amazon, it is able to choose to input product barcode or UPC code, so that Amazon can visit all information of the product automatically. But manufacturer may not change the UPC code even if the product has been changed or renewed, so the seller must be careful enough. That is, the seller should always be sure that the product details automatically screened by Amazon are accurate, or the seller may be in trouble.

  1. 2.Make the product price competitive

Many E-commerce consumers want to find cheap goods in Amazon. They may walk into a shop and view the product on Amazon. If your price is very competitive, the seller will purchase your product on Amazon directly. So, it is suggested that the seller should check the price of competitors and reset the price.


  1. 3.Use high-quality picture

Picture is an important part consisting the purchase experience of consumers. Since when they are online, they can not feel and experience the product by themselves and can only get intuitive feelings of the product according to pictures. So if the picture is vague, out of shape or with clutter background, it will influence the buyers in making decision to buy goods. At the same time, the seller should make sure that the picture can truly present the products.

They seller can try to take photo of the products from multiple angle to show the use details of the product and try to use white background, delete clutters and insignificant things in the pictures. More and more consumers are visual creatures; therefore, the sellers should attract them with excellent pictures different from others.


  1. 4.Try to win “Buy Box”

Winning Buy Box can increase Amazon sales and seller can improve the rate to win Buy Box through following methods:

  • Provide lower, competitive price
  • Keep good stock level
  • Deliver goods by Amazon FBA
  • Keep higher seller rating
  • Win praise and favorable comments from many consumers
  • Create unique package product, namely bind 3 or more products together for sale, such as perfume package etc.

  1. 5.Off-site sharing

Amazon does not allow the seller to share the traffic to his own website, but allows the seller to share the traffic of other websites with Amazon. The seller may consider to use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and other social platforms for sharing.

To improve the listing flow of the product, the seller may present discount coupon.


  1. 6.Use Amazon marketing service

The advantage of Amazon marketing service lies in:

  • The advertisements are highly targeted and visible
  • The seller pay according to click, not according to exposure rate
  • The seller can get the data of advertisement series
  • The seller can optimize advertisement series according to the feedback


  1. 7.Optimize SEO using keywords

The most important method to improve the product visibility is to use keywords. When filling in keywords in Amazon, the seller should start from the following most basic information:

  • Brand
  • Product description
  • Product series
  • Texture
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity

Besides, it is strongly recommended that the seller use the automatic keywords filling function of Amazon and collect long keywords popular on Amazon. This tool may give a score according to keywords and seller can select the keywords with highest score to put them into the keywords planner of Google to check the search volume of the keywords.


  1. 8.Use Amazon professional seller plan

Advantage of using Amazon professional seller plan lies in:

Can create listing for non existing products on Amazon and can also sell products in package;

Only professional seller can apply for sale of restricted classifications on Amazon, such as clothes and jewelry;

Amazon provide feedback tools for professional sellers, such as stock report and spreadsheet;

Sales promotion and gift service are only provided for professional sellers;

Only professional sellers can participate in Buy Box competition;

Interestingly, according to statistics, 78% of sales on Amazon comes from Buy Box.

  1. 9.Improve the average sale price of your product

Improving the average sale price of the product can help seller improve profit rate and reduce sales cost. The seller should remember that, whatever categories to sell, the higher your average sale price, the more profits you get. On amazon, good ASP is about 35 dollars. With higher average sale price of the product, the seller get higher profits and the proportion of sale cost is reduced correspondingly:


Amazon will charge 5.42 dollars for bracelet selling for 15 dollars, accounting for 36.2% of the sale price.

Amazon will charge 23.35 dollars for blender selling for 144 dollars, accounting for 16.2% of the sale price.


  1. 10.Deliver goods by FBA

Advantage of delivering goods using FBA

  • All FBA products meet the Prime delivery qualification
  • Provide two-day product delivery service
  • Amazon is responsible for all logistics and distribution of all products

  1. 11.Customer service is of vital importance

There are many sellers selling the same products on Amazon and if the seller wants to stand out, he can achieve this by providing excellent customer service. It will help seller:

  • Improve percent conversion
  • Retain consumers
  • Good customer service practice includes:
  • Fast answer questions of consumers
  • Calmly and professionally solve the disputes
  • Friendly deal with the order return
Notes: When using FBA for good delivery, Amazon may deal with all sales return and customer services issues which is an advantage for sellers busy with operation and business development.


  1. 12.Encourage customer reviews

Favorable review is the key for sellers to optimize search engine and win Buy Box. To receive good reviews, it is recommended to contact with consumer during the whole purchase process and make sure that they are satisfied with the product. If the product fails to satisfy the customer, the problems should be solved in time.

  1. 13.Pay attention to stock level

If the seller can keep high stock level, the product shall get higher ranking and visibility on Amazon. If you sell products in multiple channels, you may consider using e-commerce inventory management service.


  1. 14.To be an expert and create your own brand

Amazon is striving to create its own advantages and become brand expert. At the same time, the sellers can also create brands to improve the brand awareness of consumers and self identification.