In-depth Analysis Amazon SEO: How To Optimize Three Key Elements Of Amazon SEO? (2020 Updated)

How to carry out Amazon SEO? Essentially, you need to optimize three contents: relevance and conversion rate, buyer satisfaction and retention rate, which mainly involves the following points:

I  Product listing optimization


1, Title optimization (the core of the optimization)

It is the core of the title listing optimization and will directly affect the performance of your product in search results.
According to Amazon guidelines, the title should contain the following elements:

  • Brand
  • Product line
  • Material/ key features
  • Product type
  • Color
  • Size
  • Package/quantity

Key points of optimization: It is critical to arrange these elements reasonably while using additional keywords in the title. The order of keywords and the choice of keywords can significantly affect product sales and rankings.


The order of the keywords: In Amazon’s natural search results for the same product, the titles displayed in the right ad column and the three places on the mobile terminals are different because the length of the titles in these positions is different. The length of the title in the natural result is usually 115-144 characters, while about 30-33 characters in the right ad column and 55-63 characters in the mobile terminals.


So the conclusion is that the title must contain the most relevant keyword in the first place. This can be done by first making a list of the most important keywords and then placing them in front of each character node of the different titles. You can use some keyword tools to find the keywords. At the same time, you can learn from your competitors, it’s a great help to the optimization if you can check their data and see what they’re doing.



Can I place the brand name in the title?

This depends on the brand awareness of the product. It is recommended to do several tests to see how it works.

Note: Do not stack keywords in the title. This method used to work, but it has now failed. The best approach is to perform keyword operations in search terms.


2, Bullet points optimization:

Bullet points do not directly affect the ranking of search results, but they do affect the results in terms of conversion rate and product relevance.
The main function of listing bullets is to showcase the features and benefits of the product.


The optimization point is that the keywords used in the title should be mentioned again in the bullet point. You should also use the keyword tool to extract some similar keywords and use them to enrich your description. At the same time, if you can mention the products that your product is compatible with the bullet points, it will also be helpful for search rankings. Most sellers will mention Warranty terms in the bullet points. The best practice is to test several more versions and combinations to see which works best in terms of conversion.


Product Description: Tell a good story

Product descriptions don’t directly influence rankings, but a good product description will have positive impacts on conversions. Key points of optimization: add some valuable keywords you want to include in the product description, and at the end include CTA (call to action), such as “buy now” to increase conversion rate.


Note: Ordinary sellers may not be very good at writing good product descriptions. So, it is recommended that you turn it over to a professional writer.
Commonly used tools: keyword collection tool, word2cleanhtml, which converts word directly into HTML format for easy pasting to the background.


Search Terms Optimization:

Most people used to stack keywords on the title, which led to poor user experience. But later, Amazon added a search terms feature that put these ugly keywords in the background, however, this caused a new problem: you can’t see how competitors placed keywords.


Optimization method for this part: use keyword tools, or manually to collect keywords from competitors, however, some tools can even collect search terms of the competitors, and then add these keywords or search terms to your listing.


Note: Do not use commas to separate these keywords. Do not repeat the keywords in the listing. It is no need to repeat the words used in the search terms in other places.


II  Optimization of Product Conversion Rate

1, Sales are the king

Among all the optimizations, the one that has the largest impact on the ranking is product sales. If the sales of your listing product are larger than that of your competitors, your ranking will be directly higher than him. So simple! The usual practice is to attract in-station or out-station traffic to your listing. In-station streaming includes PPC, out-station streaming includes Facebook, Google advertising, and of course, there are many other ways


2, Product Review

If a product sells well but has no reviews, its ranking will slowly decline and it will slowly withdraw from the homepage. However, once new reviews are added, the ranking of the product will immediately rise.


The trigger for customers to buy products is a product review, which plays an important role in sales transformation.
It is safer to try your best to serve customers when they purchase products. Understand the customer’s experience through following up by email, and ask for a review or comments when the customer gives good feedback.


Another way is to find someone to leave a comment.


How to find people to leave reviews? Generally, take the initiative to find reviewer in Facebook, BBS and review websites, currently, there are many tools, there are also a lot of enthusiastic sellers to share tutorials, and help you quickly solve these problems.


III  Other optimizations

1, Join FBA

Using FBA can improve the user experience and bring more traffic and orders.


2, Picture optimization

The high-quality picture can clearly show the product’s characteristics to the user, which can greatly improve the conversion rate of the product. If you can’t do the job yourself, outsourcing is recommended.
In a word, Amazon SEO is a continuous and patient work. Once you select the products correctly and finish all necessary works. I believe you will be able to create a best seller.