Do you really know how to open a Case? What problems in Amazon operation can be solved through a Case?

Everyone who operates store in Amazon will encounter a variety of problems, even some difficult problems, and often in midnight.

This is when we need to open a Case to communicate and solve the problem, because everything else (except operation method) should be subject to Amazon who has the final interpretation right.

The following problems can be solved by opening a Case:


1. Listing is changed by VC account

For example, the picture is changed, the title is changed, or something like that. Generally, you can open a Case at midnight to contact customer service to solve this kind of troublesome situation, and leave your phone number for Amazon to call over, and then ask the customer service to transfer the call to the Vendor central team.

Note that ordinary customer service cannot solve problems with VC accounts. Only the Vendor central team has this right. You can make a few more calls until the problem is solved and then close the case.


2. Tax issues

For example, questions about various recently updated policies, tax payment issues, etc.

Amazon will definitely give its customer service staff a little training before releasing the contents and notify them of the changes. Therefore, it is recommended to open a case and ask the customer service for advice instead of asking others.


3. Abnormal condition of the system

For example, the situation when advertising fees are abnormally deducted, listing cannot be uploaded, and the front desk cannot browse his own products. Most of these unusual situations are due to failures in the background of the system. If you open a Case, you can ask customer service to help you solve it, contact the customer service to refund your advertising fee abnormally deducted, and ask to customer service refresh the abnormal page caused due to system reasons.


4. Listing crash

When the Amazon page crashes, the original contents of the page will not be available. The cause of your listing page crashing, in addition to the possible Amazon background error, may be that Amazon is checking your listing due to title image infringement or a security issue with your product.

There are many reasons for the crash. The solution is of course to open a case to ask customer service to understand the reason, it is the most important for you to find the targeted solutions to avoid blind and aimless actions.

5. A variety of complaints

No matter you complain others for listing hijacking, infringement and malicious comments to you, or you are complained unreasonably, you can open a Case directly.

It is easy to complain about others, just paste the evidence to explain the seriousness of the matter. If you are complained, you can, in the event that you have enough evidence, continue to complain until you succeed.

If you do violate the rules, you’d better admit your mistake and complain actively. At the same time, you should communicate with the complainant and solve the problem through negotiation. Amazon will inform you of the materials required for the complaint. If you are not sure, you can open a Case to ask customer service at any time.


6. Listing is merged by others

This situation is more direct and more resentful than listing modification. It can be divided into two situations. Merging the listing that abandoned by the others is the commonly used method in the field, but if you merge the links that others are just out of stock currently and still under operation, then that is another matter, it is equal to cutting off the financial path of others, however, such incidents happen frequently around us.

In this case, you must immediately open a Case, call directly, provide evidence, defend your rights, and complain against the malicious seller.


7. Various difficult problems

Sometimes the problems encountered by sellers are really rare in a decade. Instead of wasting time to ask others, it is better to open a Case and ask the customer service. If the customer service does not know, you can change to another customer service until the problem is solved.


Finally, let’s review the method of creating Case:

Step1: click Help in the upper right corner of the seller central;

Step2: The interface will pop up after clicking the Help, click Contact Us below;

Step3: Jump to this screen and click “Selling on Amazon“;

Step4: Choose the issues that suits you according to your own problem;


Step5: There are two options after selecting a path;

① E-mail: You can communicate with customer service via e-mail, but the customer service will reply after at least 2-3 hours, and it will take time to communicate. If it is a small problem that is easier to solve, you can choose this method.


② Telephone: Fast, direct telephone communication, it is generally recommended.

In general, most of the problems can be solved by creating Case, and those that cannot be solved are generally problems of operation direction.