Illustrate the pros and cons of Amazon’s VINE VOICES program

While browsing competitors’ reviews, many sellers will find some Vine voice signs next to the reviews.

So,what’s Amazon Vine Voice?

Amazon has issued new regulations on reviews. It is not allowed to send discounted or free products to reviewer to third-party organizations (such as Facebook group review, major review websites, etc.) in exchange for reviews. Amazon Vine Voice project team is the only legal group to make discount codes or Free & Deals.

Amazon offers Vine members free products provided by the participating sellers.

Vine reviews are offered independently by Vine Voices and cannot be influenced, modified or edited by the seller. Amazon will not modify or edit Vine reviews as long as they’re in line with the Posting policy.

Vine Voices’ review has a higher weight than the normal reviews, and each review is marked with the green text “Vine Customer review of Free Product”.


What are the benefits of Vine Customer Review:

1. “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” mark permanently left on the Product page! And Amazon will not intervene.

2. Because Vine Customer represents credible and professional Reviewer, such a review is more credible and more convincing, and it is more helpful for product conversion rate.

3. Vine Customer Review has the highest weight in Amazon Review. High-quality Vine Review can help you quickly establish product credibility and brand reputation.


What are the disadvantages of Vine Customer Review:

1,Because it is the official evaluation of Amazon, so it is not necessarily the positive review, the product with poor quality is not recommended.

2,Vine products need to be shipped to the warehouse designated by Amazon, the entire evaluation cycle is relatively long, which is estimated to be about one month.


How does Vince Program work?

Amazon periodically emails Reviewer every month to provide comments for them to write reviews, and Reviewer who is selected to join the Vine Program can apply to Amazon for the commodities they are interested in writing comments on, including books, electronic goods, electrical products and even food, according to the list listed in the electronic newspaper sent by Amazon.

Reviewer can apply for two items at a time, and they must write a comment within 30 days after receiving the items, otherwise they will be disqualified from Vine voice buyer and cannot submit any application to Amazon until the review is completed. That means you must provide a review after you getting an items in the program, this was different from the early Reviewer program, which did not mandate the reviewer to write a review.


How does the seller join Vine Program?

The seller will regularly receive the invitation from Amazon Vine Program, but he will be charged a certain fee every time when he puts ASIN on the shelves, what’s more, the number of ASIN participating in Vine Customer Review is limited every time.

In the past, the Vine program was only available for VC users. The third-party sellers must apply to join the VC before they can join the Vine program.

Sellers who don’t have a VC account or haven’t received an invitation from Amazon need get help from a service provider to apply for Vine program.

Amazon Review still has a significant weight in the listing. Some sellers with long-term perspectives have confidence in their products, and are willing to spend money to obtain these safe, high-quality reviews. This choice has made their products stand out, so it is recommended that sellers with redundant funds should consider the way to securely obtain Review in the face of high risk of manipulating reviews.


Conditions for release:

Product listing unlimited reviews

Products must have an UPC code

USA (non-apparel category), Europe (no category restrictions)



Currently Vine voice review is available for Amazon websites of USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

The products will be placed in the Vine voice community after arriving at the FBA warehouse. Vine buyers can select the free products according to their needs, and leave comments within 3-30 days after receiving the products. According to the agreement with amazon, Vine buyers must leave comments within 30 days after receiving the products, otherwise the vine voice buyer will be disqualified.


Vine review‘s QA

Q: In which websites is Vine review available?
A:USA,UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada.
Q: How many reviews can Vine review leave?
A: 1 to 30 reviews, 35-50 shipments, 35 reviews at most.
Q: What products are not suitable for vine review?

United States:
(1) Power supply
(2) Apparel Products
(3) Products subject to restricted comment
(4) The products do not have UPC, only GCID

Europe: There are no restrictions, not even the listing hijacking.
Q: how to operate without UPC uploaded?
A: Create a new variant product, upload it with UPC code and operate this new variant product. After getting reviews, merge them together.

Q: When will reviews appears? Is there necessarily 30 reviews?
A: After arriving at the FBA warehouse, the products will be placed in the Vine Voice community. Vine buyers can select and get free products according to their own needs. The Vine buyers need to leave reviews within 3 to 30 days after receiving the products based on the agreement with Amazon.
Q: Are all these reviews positive?
A: This is the official evaluation, we can’t control preference of the reviews, it depends on the product quality!

The peak season is coming, Vine review can help new products to get dozens of reviews rapidly, and analyze the market preference of this product according to the product market research and competitiveness, so as to help the sellers to quickly select products with real core competitiveness. However, sellers who are temporarily unable to join the Vine Program shouldn’t worry, either. It is not necessary to take the risk of “Brush” to increase Review.