3 easy ways to optimize product rating on Amazon

According to Amazon’s latest Review rating algorithm, the following options affect the overall rating of the product.


1. Buyer’s review time;

2. If the review has VP badge;

3. Number of words of the buyer’s review;

4. Review buyer’s account security index;

5. Clicks of Helpful.

6. Clicks of review details.


Everyone should also realize that the comprehensive rating of many listings will be based on the 5-star VP rating, as well as the multi-aspect and optimization which is a key factor to improve the rating.


To obtain a high-quality review, it is essential to improve the quality of products and listings.


Moreover, you may make the following efforts:


▪Build your customer mail list. An EDM review claim shall be built via mail properly.

▪Provide high-quality customer service. Pre-sales friendly communication can reduce negative reviews arising from various reasons. The after-sales professional effective solutions can help you obtain the buyers’ trust to change the review.

▪Make full use of feedback on customers’ resources. Many customers leave feedback instead of a review. This type of customer will share the experience through responding with appropriate guidance to help more buyers understand the product. It is highly probable to obtain 5-star reviews.


Other uncontrollable factors to improve the overall rating are not suggested to be tried to avoid irreversible consequences.