How to create and optimize your Amazon product image?

Compared with the words, the image can catch the customers’ eyes more quickly. After you have optimized the keywords, the main image of your product will directly affect whether the buyers will click to view more product details. The operation in Amazon is based on the concept of “the product is king”. If the best product without a high-quality photo can’t attract the buyers to click it, such a product has no opportunity to show itself. Therefore, there also exists the concept of “the photo is king”. You must adhere to such a concept, and employ a professional photographer to take photos.


The product photo includes the main image and auxiliary image. The former affects exposure, access, and conversion, while the latter affects post-click conversion. So, what do you need to pay attention to when taking photos?


Firstly, you shall refine the selling points of the product. The refined selling points shall be handed over to professional photographers to produce the selling point photos, and then you shall select the most appealing photo as the main image.


Secondly, you shall create content to be expressed for each auxiliary photo. Generally, you shall complete such content to be expressed in the early stage of shooting, and make full use of the display of each photo according to the focus of the product type:


Function image: The customers can see at a glance what the product is and what it is used for. Moreover, the photo is properly equipped with some parameters.


Feature image: Generally, the product feature that the buyers are most concerned about can be extracted from QA.


Quality assurance image: The seller can refine the quality problems through reviews and QA, and summarize with a photo to dispel the buyer’s worry about placing the order.


Size image: A photo with a visual display of the size comparison shall be provided to help the buyers build a basic concept, which can reduce after-sales problems due to the inconsistency with expectation.


Operation image: A simple operation photo can provide convenience for buyers. At present, many sellers do not pay attention to it. The sellers still use the enclosed User Manual. Most of the User Manuals are unqualified, for example, their words are too small, they can not be understood at all.


Scene image: The scene in which the product is used is the indispensable element. The sellers shall spend the most effort to optimize the scene photo. The atmosphere rendered by the scene photo is a decisive factor that can stimulate the buyers to place orders.


In addition, the consumption via mobile terminal will be the future trend. After the photo is optimized, be sure to check its compatibility via the mobile phone.


Finally, some suggestions and specifications for image uploading:


  • You can name the photos with the search keywords and then upload them. The photo-based Google SEO can increase the weight to a certain extent.
  • Listings that are missing the main image will not appear in the search or browse until you fix the listing.
  • Choose images that are clear, information-rich, and attractive.
  • Products must fill at least 85% of the image. Images must show only the product that is for sale, with few or no props, and with no logos, watermarks, or inset images. Images may only contain text that is a part of the product.
  • Main images must have a pure white background, must be a photo (not a drawing), and must not contain excluded accessories.
  • Images must be at least 1000 pixels on the longest side and at least 500 pixels on the shortest side to be zoom-able.
  • Images must not exceed 10000 pixels on the longest side.
  • JPEG is the preferred image format, but you also may use TIFF and GIF files.
  • It is best to be placed in 9 photos.


Get ready to optimize your main image?After reading the article, you will be an Amazon image expert and sell more as a result.