How does the seller increase Amazon keyword ranking?

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I believe that quite a few sellers, especially novice sellers, use the core or other correlated keywords to search in the Amazon search box. All the pages have been turned over, but they have not seen their own products. This is even the case for sellers who have launched the internal promotion on the website. The reason for this case is that the weight of listing determines if their products can be found and if they can be found in the front or back pages.


When it comes to the weight of listing, we have to talk about keyword ranking that is closely related to it.


Keyword ranking refers to that when the buyer searches with a keyword, your product appears on the search result page. The main factors affecting the front or back of such positions are the sales of the product and conversion rate which are achieved through the keyword. Of course, besides, the data of listing, such as visitors, collection, additional purchase, etc. also affect the ranking of the keyword.


To search out your product by keyword in the top, refer to the following steps:


Keyword research


Select the search keywords according to the search habits of various customers to increase the probability of product display. For example, when buying a smart bracelet, the customers may use different vocabularies due to their differences in habit and demand: smart watch, smart wristband, activity tracker, smart band, step tracker. The keyword research can deepen the understanding of the products and the customers’ potential demands, and enrich keyword configuration of your listing.


How can we get the keywords? We also have introduced in the previous chapters of title and bullet point, including an in-depth understanding of products, competitive product research, keyword tools, internal promotion, etc.; therefore, we no longer restate them here.


Keyword layout


Ranking, location, relevance and occurrence frequency of keywords in the product page are key factors affecting search display and Amazon’s acquisition recommendations.


Therefore, in the early stage of building the product listing, it is necessary to determine the major keywords, high-traffic keywords, and long-tail keywords. According to the importance ranking and the different periods of promotion, these keywords shall be reasonably arranged and laid out into Title, Bullet Point and search terms of the listing.


Keyword promotion


While starting the advertisement, you should select the research-based keywords and advertise manually. In the early stage, the hot keywords are not suitable; you should select the precise keywords between the long-tail keywords and the hot keywords to avoid high ACOS. After the advertisement has been accumulated up to a certain weight, the hot keywords can be launched.

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