Why can’t you find your Amazon product? It’s important to sort out these three rankings.


One question that many sellers may ask is why my products can’t be found on result pages when I search keywords of it? I almost finish the result page!

So, what is going wrong? Whether and where a listing can be found is depending on its weight verified by Amazon.

When it comes to the weight and ranking of listing, you have to cover the three rankings Amazon sellers constantly comes across when operating their stores, that are, keyword ranking, AD ranking and BSR rank (Best Sellers Rank).

Among them, keyword ranking is stable, which allows your product presenting on certain position on the result page whenever buyers are searching this kind of products with a related key word. Therefore, you will notice it when you find it bringing more traffic and orders to your listing. This ranking should be monitored by sellers as a key focus during operation.

There are two main factors affecting Amazon keyword rank: product sales and conversion rate. Besides, there are also other factors including the number of visitors, the number of collections, and the number of purchases and so on that will have impact on its keyword ranking.

If you find there are any dramatic changes of your competitor’s keyword ranking, you should pay attention to its listing: whether its title, images, price, promotion, reviews or other details are changed. Tracking your competing product and its dynamics regardless of good or bad trends is certainly helpful and significant for you to optimize yours.

Just keep in mind to draw all the best and discard the dross.

Taking example of a watch in the following picture, we use tool4seller to track it and find that the seller replaced its product images on May 8th. After that, the reviews keep growing but its score is declining.

Also, we can see that this ASIN doesn’t adjust its price during this period.

But we will see that overall the ranking is improving among its competitors so as to contribute to its sales growth while it fluctuates mainly because of its low score.

This allows sellers to check impact of listing on product sales through tracking product and analyzing data. Currently, you can use this function on US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Japan and India.

For sellers who create campaign, you will need to pay more attention to the ad ranking of your listing.

This ranking shows itself on two places: the search result page and product details page. According to the current website, Amazon puts ads on top, on middle and on bottom of the search result page, taking 3 or 4 positions respectively while displays two rolls in the middle or bottom on the product details page.

The Amazon ad rankings are mainly influenced by the keyword bidding and the relevance among keywords, listing descriptions and corresponding product category. Much relevant keywords and listing may improve the ranking even with a relatively low keyword bidding. However, as the ads are placed and the conversion rate changes, the quality of keywords fluctuates, so as the ad position ranking.

As long as keeping a high sales and high listing quality score, you will find your product in a very good ad position. By any luck, you will become the Best Sellers if the volume comes first of its kind. Certainly, your listing will get a BSR(best sellers rank).

Finally, how Amazon decide the scores of listing quality?

With tool4seller’s listing quality score feature, you can easily identify whether the ASIN is in good health or not and is there any problems about the title, pictures, descriptions and other details as well as related suggestions for improvement.

The detector checks Title, Bullet Points, Descriptions, Images, Rating, Review Number, Fulfilled by, ASIN Index, Search Visibility, Search Term to get seller a final score for a certain ASIN. Please note that the last two items will be fulfilled by the seller manually.

So, how to get your products be appreciated and BSR improved? Focus on these items.

Improving the quality of keyword ranking and listing quality is what you can do as a seller, that is how a good Amazon seller thinks and operates.


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