correct way to launch your new product on amazon

why can’t the seller find the product after launching a new product?

Some Amazon sellers can’t find their product with ASIN after launching a new product. We will talk through this problem today and offer some solutions to it.


1. The new launched product shows listing active with inventory available in the seller central but can’t be found in the Amazon search results.


This mainly caused by an update delay of Amazon system. Especially when sellers have uploaded a new product or updated old listing successfully while can’t find the product or get the old listing information in the foreground. Please don’t worried or get nervous, wait for 15-30 minutes then refresh the page and you will find the updated result.


2. The product used to sell and rank well suddenly suffers a decline on sales while you can’t find it in search result neither with keywords or ASIN.


This usually is because that your product is misidentified as adult product by the system or hijacked by competitors through VC account and revised listing category to adult product which leads to be banned from current product categories.


You can contact Amazon seller support in the first hand to let them know the situation of the listing and correct the listing with their help.


Besides above situations, there could be system crash or data delay from Amazon due to mass volume of existing product data that will lead to search failures. You can open cases at any time and ask seller support to help if you don’t know the exact reasons for the problem.