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Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Five Tips You Must Know

With Prime Day just around the corner, Amazon acts severely in managing and vetting all accounts, including blocking accounts that create illegal ASIN or manipulate a large number of reviews as well as identifying infringement for merging listings. The storm of cleaning is too violent for many Amazon sellers.


So, how should sellers react to this storm and adjust marketing strategies on the Prime Day this year? And how to preparing for the big promotion? Please check the following suggestions and find answers for the above questions.


1, Focus on product research and value both the sales and good comments


It is said that products eligible for Prime Day Deal are pre-selected by Amazon. For this reason, sellers who would like to join Lightning Deal during the Prime Day shall submit applications in ahead of required time. This does not guarantee acceptance though; you will be allowed to join the promotion once the system verified your application and required time period.


Among the varied determining factors to win Prime Day Deal permission, product quality is the premise and key beyond doubt.

On the one hand, you should take into account first the product with normal outstanding performance for the Prime Day as while given an integrated consideration on whether the price, score, sales and conversion of it are good enough;

On the other hand, you should be wary of pricing for the Prime Day as the consumers are getting more sensitive about the price which means a low unit price is much more welcome during that period.


It is notable that you may try promote your potential products in addition to the priority of retaining efforts on products of hot sales. As Amazon sellers, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to accumulate more sales of your new products and gather customers’ attention on your development.


2, Prepare adequate inventory with FBA in advance


Amazon sellers should produce adequate products for the Prime Day three months in advance and ship all inventory to FBA before June 20th in order to avoid warehousing failure before the Prime Day due to excessive pressure. In addition to that, you may also set Inventory Alert in tool4seller to remind you and ensure sufficient inventory over the entire Prime Day period.


While, how many should sellers prepare relys on multiple factors consists of your daily sales, the growth of sales for past promotions, the growth of customer comments, the promotion cycle, marketing investment and related conversion as well as many others.


3, Keep an eye on marketing strategy and increase Your Bids


Every year the buyers will start to browse or search on Amazon from the end of May to the beginning of June for what they need or want which continues until the end of the Prime Day, way ahead of its launching on the mid of July.


This means during which the sellers also need to push hard on promotion such as creating more ads through social medias as much as possible and actively participating in Prime Day Deal, BD, LD, comment optimizing, and etc. to promote more sales.


Tool4seller Ad Keywords Optimization can help you analyze your ad performance,especially the performance of specified keywords. According to this feature, you can find out the high performing keywords and low performing keywords of your previous Ad group, and optimize it according to the corresponding optimization suggestions.


Keywords suggestions are based on product profitability and corresponding performance data, the system sets your profit margin to 20% by default, and you can change it according to your own product profitability target. After making any changes, the system will give you suggestions again.


Remember,on Prime Day, sellers should increase their advertising budgets, it’s better for advertisers to bid aggressively rather than miss out on sales completely.


4, Manage your customers as well as possible and avoid negative reviews.


It is necessary to ensure you are asking customers for positive reviews as the policy required and make a plan to avoid negative reviews before the Prime Day.


5, Control the overall budget and allocate adequate personnel.


Prime Day will boost not only a high conversion for your product, but also a huge increase of the seller’s overall budget. Therefore, Sellers should closely monitor their budgets throughout the day to make sure no advertising campaigns run out of money.. For example, a fluctuate bidding may help to enhance the competitiveness of the product with a better ad placement so as to more exposure.


Besides, sellers should also have personnel to handle orders during the Prime Day. Once there are not enough personnel to handle big orders from customers, you may eventually loss much as it influenced customer reviews.


Prime Day 2019,Get your inventory ready and go!